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Here's what confuses me. Why does Hollywood go for shit that either doesn't lend itself to Live Action adaptions ( Akira) or needs a talented director/writer to make it work (Ghost in the shell had none of these) instead of going for stuff that lends itself to a big budget Hollywood action movie.

Black Lagoon
About a group of pirates living in the south china seas, who take jobs from underworld crime lords. All of the characters but one are westerners, there are a shit ton of explosions and gun fights. It's basically as if Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and John Woo got together to make an anime.

Secret Organization that hunts down Vampires and other monsters fights a grounp of Nazi Vampires in England. Has a big Titted Police Woman and the Lord of Vampires himself under their employ. Get Cate Blanchett for Integra and your good

Full Metal Alchemist:
Again just about everyone's a Cracker so no Whitewashing required Two brothers try to resurrect their dead mother and end up getting most of their body parts taken. Have cool powers and go on a quest to get their bodies back. Multiple movies Harry Potter style
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Do you really REALLY think those century old jews now anything about good manga/anime anon?
They go for well known series.
>Why does Hollywood try to make money from well known names rather than putting effort into making good movies?
We may never know, anon.

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To love-ru Darkness.
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I'm confused. I thought it was over.
What is this?
I'm getting my hopes up by thinking that every girl will individually get their own Rito clone thus forming an indirect harem, but who am I kidding.

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I am Ruplong, the Avenger of Samples.
Were they lesbians

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He sealed it with WHAT?
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What nonsense. He would also boil himself from the inside with a wound like that.
He said "seared", not "sealed". He cauterized it.

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How are her legs so god damn perfect?
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Can I have a Komi-san that isn't made for ants?
Her figure overall is very nice, but I've noticed some QUALITY legs when I caught up with the manga today.
Have the translators finally started working on it again?

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Who even needs silver medals? R-right?
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Dyke cut Ecchan a cute
Part of me is disappointed she didn't end up the bronze but that sort of fits her character arc better.
Please tell me this is selling like shit in Japan. Too many cucks praising shit writing.

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It's just impossible to name an anime that is having more soul and heart than this one.
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It certainly was comfy
It's a bland slice of life with pretty art.
I personally prefer Non Non Biyori, Aria was lovely but the setting I just didn't like as much.

YKK even without an anime is still the best by far though, nothing else I've ever watched or read gives me the same feelings YKK does.

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Does the "Yujiro" form make any sense from a real martial arts point of view?
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I don't read the manga. What's going on?
No. Are you retarded?
Baki is not about making sense in the first place.

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This is shit.
this is fake, r-right?
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Oh, sure thing, anon. Let's post it on the one day of the year that it would not be believed.

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Wait, was the moral of the story seriously that we should welcome newfags?
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The newfag was the one who tried to destroy Akibahara.
I thought it was fuck what others think and enjoy your degenerate shit.
Pretty much this was the moral.

Are you excited?
I am excited.
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>year 2205
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I hope that the soundtrack has a little more variety to it. That was my only complaint when I watched the first season.
I've been ready since the season 1 finale. What a fucking twist.

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>bedroom eyes
>stabs X in the back
Isn't he our gal or what?
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my monitor is so shit it doesn't matter the source
Our gal because its a he

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Where's the April fool's thread?
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Man, if only there were a quick and easy way to check if there was a thread for something. An index, or perhaps a catalog. That'd be great.

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In your opinion, is Re Zero a masterpiece?
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Definitely not
Dunno, I dropped it after the first episode.

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parapara 3.png
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Chapter 3 is out.

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I want to mating press not-Asuna.
so he's
wth. gushing like a flood merely by touching him, even if he's disguised as a trap

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