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Time to do a quick chapter. Hopefully edit anon is nearby
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Ah thank you for this. My hero.
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[Right side] First year in Eiryou High School: Hirose Yuu


"The first ever Academy planning session!!"

"It has a nice ring to it"

[Poster] Super eater challenge!
Shaved Ice tower
"The heat is really hard after all!!"
Shino Hand

"What're your orders?"
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Comic 1
Big texture (2nd person)

They ordered in anyways.

"Since we're doing this, we might as well have a competition and have a punishment!!"
"Sounds nice"

"What kinda punishment do you have in mind?"

"The loser will treat the winner to parfait!!"
Parfait season
"That's a punishment for the winner too, you aside"

Comic 2
Cunning lady

"Lemon flavor..."

"Long ago, I peed in the snow and pretended it was shaved ice"

"So she's applying a strategy to make her opponents lose their appetites"
"She says stuff like this every single day"

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There's no way "gamer girlz lul" like in Gamers actually exist in real life. Gaming is just used by females to fit into male social groups, not for actual entertainment. And making the school idol into a gaming addict makes no sense either since it would've destroyed her popularity long ago, which means it's just a shitty excuse to allow for the hot girl to fall for the antisocial manlet gaming nerd MC. Overall, shitty 3/10 SoL
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They are good for healing and nothing more. Buff my party, wench.
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Actually, most attractive female gamers hide their power level like pic related
And OP is the kind of faggot that flaunting his powerlevel in public because he has nothing else to show, even then he's still suck at it.

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bonus points for Kaiji/Akagi characters
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Post moments that make you unequivocally happy.
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I'm happy that Ed ends growing taller than Winry. I'm even happier that Al still ends up being taller than Ed.
Not Completeiron Warlock. Fucking show is a simpleton's explanation of real alchemy which is a pseudoscience worse than homeopathy.
Why is Al holding Ed?

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What would a 4kids dub of pic related be like?
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This was fucking awful, kill yourself.
I doubt he made it himself

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>Chris Ayers dies
>Linda Young returns to voice Frieza in Dub

How would the DBZ community react to this? How would YOU feel about this?

I would kinda be ok with this because i feel like Linda Young does such a good job at bringing out the sadistic side in Frieza, there were a lot of times she made him sound like a real nightmare, But i feel like they would probably get the DBZ abridged dude to voice him.
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Linda sounds more alien, Chris makes a better snobby tyrannical prick. It's up to personal preference.
I want to hear Frieza's native tongue.
I gotten used to goku Japanese voice already but goku english voice will always be the best for me.

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Would /a/ be interested in Nintendo manga?

ARMS is apparently getting a manga publication in Coro Coro.
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No because all it will be about is Minmin and twintelle
Charactets are almost entirely silent in the game aren't they?

What has made the designs of Cardcaptor Sakura hold up so well against the test of time? In other series, costumes eventually begin to look dated.
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citation needed

what is dated
Magical girls never go out of style anon.
I won't believe that you can't tell when a series is from a specific time frame just by looking at the designs.

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Are you ready for OL Nene?

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Is there a more perfect being built for bullying other than Nene?
But Nene a shit and worst New Game. Even her game is shit.

Satania. They're both a shit, though.

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Where the FUCK is my new chapter?
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http://www.mangatail.com/chapter/nanatsu-no-taizai-230 It's the raw
who even likes this garbage
O shit

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you, a brainlet: Gabriel Dropout/Himouto Umaru-chan
me, a big brain boy: GJ-bu
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<--Big Girl
All I remember about GJ-bu is that I wanted to bang every girl. Most of the time its just 1 or 2 girls, but this time it was all of them. Even that midget Mao.
Really? I couldn't imagine wanting to fuck the annoying green-haired goblin. I forget her name

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>indirect kiss

Is this bullshit a real thing, or just something in anime and manga?
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Real thing, when I was in fifth grade I shared a coca cola with a girl in a road trip and later that day the other guys and girls were talking about it.
I didn't even knew it was a thing back then so I didn't think something of it until everyone told me about it.
It's a thing when you're like 12, which most animu protagonists are
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Outlaw Star.jpg
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>indirect kiss
>Is this bullshit a real thing, or just something in anime and manga?
If it's a real thing then I've indirectly kissed quite a few girls (and guys) while passing around bottles and joints.

Are indirect kisses between dudes gay? Have I been ruined for marriage?

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Holy shit, I want to be her dad so bad.

Who's your daughteru /a/?
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jack 26.jpg
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I don't think I'm capable of being a fatheru. I'm not a lolicon but for even the purest of my favorite young/tiny anime girls, I've had thoughts of molesting them.
How do you think you use baby-wipes?

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You can delete our threads, mods. But there's one thing you can't delete.

[spoilers]Our souls.[/spoilers]

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Based mods

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Tell me she stabbed her, end this shitty manga
Who the fuck are those two that she bumped into?

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