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KyoAni projects in the works
>Violet Evergarden (TV)
>Free! Movies x2
>Euphonium S2 Movie
>Chu2 Original Movie

It's clear that KyoAni is realizing the movies are much more profitable than TV anime. How do you feel about this shift in directions?
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It's for the best, their resources will be spread less thin this way.
>Most of the movies are recaps

Lazy bastards
Better start hiring decent writers and acquiring not-shit properties, cinemagoing normalfags aren't going to tolerate trash like Phantom Sales and Kyoukai no kanata.

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I still can't believe that she's back after all these years.
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will she fix her hairclip this time
I hope not.
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Believe it.

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So remember the second crossover magazine that contained a story for Rem being in Konosuba's world, and the second one being Emilia in that world? Well Remon just translated the Rem story for it. So i'll be posting it.

Give Blessings to the Beautiful Maid

This one was written by Konosuba's author, Emilia's was Tappei.
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I am saved
Rem's last lines felt so ooc
A lot of her lines are OOC, like mentioning her ability to smell the Witch. She doesn't do that very often, and Witch Beasts don't even have the scent.

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>Aria is the pinnacle of SoL
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Only meme you fell for is being a contrarianfag.
Aria isn't even nearly the best of what the genre has to offer. There's plenty to it that's unique and interesting but it's also a huge magnet for the pseudo intellectual "patrician" taste anime fan who's actually embarrassed of anime. The kind that loves shows that they can show to normalfags without them being disgusted and can claim "I like anime but NOT that kind of anime!"
I don't think Aria is very normalfag friendly, if you showed this to anyone they will most likely think you are weird.

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What would the ideal harem be like?
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a hundred identical clones each chasing after the original
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Post your favorite Reyvateils.
Jakuri, Finnel, Tyria.

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That it's so looked down upon in our society
My waifu is not real
The fact that I cannot smell the girls I love

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From what i've watched/read its not really that interesting

Makes for a decent read at work, though
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Yeah we know people like you are the first to cum when they reach Yorkshin Arc and praise the anime after KA arc
Which is weird because I liked Hidamari, but K-On seems to take the "cute girls doing cute things" to different levels of stale
Same for me. I've read up to the videogame arc and honestly I just can't get into it. Never seen a more bland MC, it doesn't help that the other kid is a complete edgelord either. Wish the suit dude would tag along because he's way more interesting.

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TS anon is getting screwed over by the new bot captcha system so he handed me the job.

Raws first
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What is this girl problem?
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Some people are simply evil.
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Literally satan.

Has /a/ or anime in general always been obsessed with yuri and lesbians, or has it gotten worse since the 2010s?

I dont browse /a/, but when i do, i feel like i see more yuri threads than usual, but im not sure if its just me.
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Better. More yuri is better.
Never got the appeal really. If your waifu is a lesbian, how could she ever love you?
Yurifags either don't self insert or are women.

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Are fat girls just gonna keep appearing in anime and manga?
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There is nothing wrong with that.
heh, I wouldn't call the Elf-san girls fat. They are chubby at most.
Only in mangas aimed at fat teenage girls. And there is nothing wrong with that. As long as there aren't feminists campaigning for fatty quotas, everything is alright. Let the market handle it.

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A normie fag whose is my friend asked me why there is so much hate on SAO, and I Even though there is a lot of hatred towards the series didn't know how to explain to him.

Mainly considering that it is not the only harem series with a op protagonist. Has become a meme to hate SAO? What I should say to him?
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Learn to speak English, you fucking spic.

Nigga gets destroyed a lot and has a weakness exploited every 6 seconds.
Cringe at when the little virtual elf calls a 16-18 year old boy "daddy"
Shit is called SAO yet it isn't even SAO anymore
Cliches around every corner
The mc is an edgy faggot
Call your friend a fucking normie. Tell him he has shit tastes
Oh god that ai child part was so godawful it made me put it down for months. Finished it just because of time invested but goddamn it was shit.

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Why are the japanese so obsessed with sweat
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Girls' sweat is sexy.
Why do you care?
A fit girl's sweat is elixir.

best dragon ball song. end of subject
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how can you say that when this exists?

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>english dub

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Looks pretty nice.

Here's a promo video for the manga from a few years ago, this is NOT the PV.

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Here's the source, forgot to link it.

>an actually good announcement for once
What studio would do it justice? I assume Kodansha actually care since they wouldn't have bothered to animate it otherwise.

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