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>nip children shaming fat butts
is this why japan only loves skinny twig bitches
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These are some truly uncultured smurfs.
Large butts are a deformity
Explains why they are so superior

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Should I watch this subbed or dubbed?
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Dubbed is the only way to watch this
People on /a/ just repeat what they read on the internet. Make up your own mind.
I tried to watch sub....just watch the dub, this show is not worth the debate. The dub makes this show.

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Would you participate just so that you get to fuck her whenever you felt like?
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My life is already shit, I'd participate just so I could do something useful or die trying.
You're the type of Gantz character I like.

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Say nice things about Yotsuyu and Aishou
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Yotsuyu can a nice fight. Semen and fucknuckle are always a good choice.

Aishou was pretty interesting. JJL shines with how the minor one arc characters keep returning and actually feel entwined in the overall story instead of being a ora and dump.

Hope Plant Guy is pretty chill.
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Yotsuyu's stand is one of the greatest stand designs in Jojo. It's just so cool looking. 10/10. Also it's reveal was fairly badass as well. Shame it's such a jobber, like the rest of the rock men.

Aishou doesn't deserve all that happened to him.
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>Hope Plant Guy is pretty chill
He literally hijacks a bus and orders Gappy and Yasuho to be his bodyguards.

I hope his stand is cool though.

Is Megumin the best girl of her series?
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There was an advanced screening event May 21 for Day 13 OVA. The bluray gets released July 29 and I'm really excited. There was so little info about this OVA that I wasn't sure if it was going to happen or not. Looks like there's a few flashbacks. But I hope there's some answers about the pineapple and their whereabouts. The 2nd novel ended with Cerotto wondering what happened to Nero and Angelo so I want to see if the OVA continues after that novel.

The OVA is called "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow"
1: Shoal of Time (時の浅瀬, Toki no Asase) is the first segment. Brimming with curiosity, Nero and Vanno invite Frate to slip out of church with them and go to see the circus.
2: All Our Yesterdays (すべての昨日, Subete no Kinou) is the second segment. Ganzo is drinking at a bar, when before him appears a youth named Vincent, with a request for Ganzo.
3: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow (明日、また明日, Ashita, Mata Ashita) is the third segment. Having killed Mad Mack and on the way back to Lawless, Nero has nightmares as a result of a high fever and Avilio is left to act as his nurse.
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Looking forward to the OVA.

Do you know if they fixed any of the QUALITY moments in the latter half of the series on the blurays? The series was great, but thats the one gripe I have about it.
Yeah I loved the series but that was the one thing that distracted me. Though during the best scenes, the art would be really nice. I've seen bluray comparisons but I dont have the image saved. The art was a lot better and I wish it wasnt so much different from the tv episodes. Improved art on the blu ray is why I can't wait for the blu rays to get licensed.
BD rips when?

Anyone have a stitch of best girl's scene from last week? I'm in love with this fish-eyed girl.
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Crazy bitch.
does Japan not have psyc wards/mental institutions? Psychopaths like her would not be allowed in regular society in Canada.

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No, I did.
It's not clearly expressed even in the manga, but if you want Ishida to marry Nishimiya, go ahead and imagine that.
The whole last arc is Shouya's dream as he lies in a coma in his hospital bed.

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crazy gingers.png
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Fujimaru or Emiya, /a/?
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Gudako is the best MC in all Nasushit.
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Gudako a cute.

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Grape-kun meet the girl that does the voice of his waifu
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grape-kun is living the dream
He seems displeased by 3d
He is a bird and she is twisting him. All birds do that when twisted

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What are some stupid things you do because of anime?

I never kill spiders.
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I say "tch" when I'm upset.
I sing ops and eds when I don't think anyone is listening.
I rub my neck
I scratch my the side of my head

In your opinion, is Madoka Kaname attractive? Why? Why not?
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Her friend Mami is more attractive.
Yes. Extremely. She's so pure that she rolls over to lewd and corrupting her sounds like the hottest thing ever.
Her cotton candy hair is very cute

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Is this the single worst character in anime history?
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He's definitely down there. Naruto would be a lot better if the narrative hadn't bent over backwards to present Sasuke as a tragic, redeemable anti-hero.
Yeah. Sorry.
I can't think of anyone worse, that we're supposed to think is cool, and then sympathize with.

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>ITT: Bodies built for sex
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Christ look at the five-head on that bitch. You could land a plane on that thing.
Normal 18 looks better tho.
your mom's

so why do we hate her again?

>she was a bitch to honoka and others!

she was doing her job as a student prez by not allowing others to use the name of the school which already had a bad rep to something as stupid as a school idol group, specially one made by 1st/2nd years with no proper experience with singing and dancing

in fact, both nozomi and umi agreed with her although they were willing to try, and convinced eli to stop being so harsh with the girls and let them do it

>she had no character development!

so a strict foreigner girl with no friends that becomes more honest with her feelings and even engages in silly girly activities like pillow fights and opposite day isn't development enough? let's compare her to the others

>stock yamato nadeshiko becomes a dork

>stock tsundere becomes a dork



she had plenty of development
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>Gets BTFO in /vg/
>Comes crying to /a/

Pathetic. Oh and just for the record OP: /a/ users don't give a shit about Eli either. Aside her singing maybe
I expected her to be one of the better girls based on her design and stuff but turns out the worst girl meme was true all along.

On the other hand characters I thought would be shit, like Umi, turned out to be great. How odd.

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