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Would you answer?
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No. I have telephone phobia.
Never heard of being scared to phones before
I'd pick it up and thell her I have to work, but I love her and will speak at home. ;_;

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Uratarou's alive and kicking ass!

It looks like he's got a replacement arm, and it's powered by blood pressure because why not? What does /a/ think of this chapter?
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Going for the Sengoku Youko route, eh?
Pretty cute, i can never tell what this author is planning to do.
I assume that the next chapter will involve kicking the ass of all demons present, but I don't know what role Mogari is going to play in this
He's lost his fucking mind, this is great.

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I don't get the ending
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It's literally Eva's "congratulations", what don't you get? Did the confetti not spell it out for you?
Bravo Yamada.
Why did he randomly start crying

What does it matter if he looks people in their faces? People were still shittalking him

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You've now realized Kiseijuu was based on The Thing.
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No shit retard, everyone else figured that out the first 15 seconds. The manga especially since it's in the 80's.
Forgive me. I haven't watched The Thing until recently so I didn't know that until now.
It had a lot of similairites to Devilman too.

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Is there an anime that surpasses the manga?

Only one I can think of is Vandread.
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Kaiji. Mostly for the OST and the narrator.
Non Non Biyori

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Is he the best anti self-insert? Is that why people don't like him? Because he rubs people the wrong way by reminding them of themselves and not the perfect, idealized gary stu versions they like to imagine.
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I hate him because he's a retard who can't listen and who lets his middleschool-esque crush rule his life.
No, it's because he's an obnoxious piece of shit that never grows.
I think most of it is just that hes a fucking retard and some just hate him because he didn't pick their waifu.

I didn't really hate him but I really didn't like him either, I normally love flawed characters but like >>157601190 said he was obnoxious as hell.

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Fuck marry kill
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Fuck Bones
Marry KinoAni
Kill Dogakobo with extreme prejudice
i havent watched a single doga kobo show but i heard they're all bad so that's okay
marry gogakogosa
fuck kyoani, but I could marry it too if it was an option
kill bones, doesn't deserve anything more than that

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Griffith a cute.png
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How's that manga you've been working on /a/?
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Awesome can't wait to come out with the first chapter
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You tell me.


cool premise, I read up until #3 might read more

felt a bit rushed the whole help each other out thing, but I really like where this could go

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This is your eldritch abomination for the rest of the week, even if the mods are afraid of it.
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only for the week? I'd gladly accept her for the rest of my life, as long as she's down to do lewd things with me
I wanna fuck that goat
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Turning an Eldritch Demon into a loving Oneesan, Sasuga Ainz-Sama

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Why does she stand like that?
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I also stand like that.
It's actually Tommy Pickles in a wig.

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Hinata best girl.
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Lucky girl was fucked by Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
no XD
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Hinata is just as shitty as Sakura

Real best girl is Tenten

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dammit bam.jpg
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Fool me once, shame on you...
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Fuck off, not anime or manga.
What, no gookshit allowed here? Never been to /co/, thought that was western-only. Assumed this was the best place for manhwa.

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>Neone Genesis Evangelion still has a ton of staying power over 20 years after the fact
how did they do it?
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Good character and mech design goes a long way in marketing
the beta homosex otakus can relate to shinji. they self insert. because their fathers didn't want them either.

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It's been 10 years. You haven't forgotten about the best dog, have you?
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I have not.
That ED always made me cry

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Does /a/ like literal fire fighters?
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it's okay i guess, needs an anime
better than soul eater
Read the first issue on accident thinking it was something else, but I liked it. I'll probably read the rest of it next year.

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