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Started reading Kinnikuman, how much long it takes for him to stop being a goofy dumbass and becomes kenshiro-tier of manliness?
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It's a gag manga my man
NOT really, he is always a goofy idiot in nature.
That never happens but the enemies get more intense and his allies are likes Nazis and people ripping off other people's heads...but he's always a dumbass

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Heil Tanya
Season 2 when
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>He thinks there'll be a season 2
Yes there will be a Se2. They literally hinted at it at the end of the show.
good luck little duck

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Wow. I definitely didn't see an Asuka end coming, but I'm ok with this. What does /a/ think about it?
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I'd like to come in Asuka's end.
Reinafags blown the fuck out.
It seemed surprising seeing as Reina seemed more of a prime interest to Kumiko.. But alright. The cinematography of Kumiko's confession was good so I'll take it.

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How do I stop feeling infantile when I watch slice of life?

I genuinely enjoy them but I can't shake the feeling that I'm wasting my youth on something very bad.
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Anime is not the most productive way to spend your time.
I don't like many other things.
Sounds like you don't like this either.

Why does no one in this show have genitalia?
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Do ever see hentai show genital?no do you ever see jap porn that show genital?ask yourself that
>Do ever see hentai
Jap porn?

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>dat bfg

Wish the scanslater would release chapters faster.
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>20 pages on a monthly release
Is this that series where the guy was a tranmuter who went full edge and somehow figured out how to absorb monster powers?

Is this the same mangaka as Nana no Kaoru?
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Thank god. He's talented af and it's not overboard ecchi or tits and ass.

Although the two MCs look identical.
We don't know the "spin" on this title yet. So far the MC enjoys sneaking harmless peeks at her, and she seems to know and enjoy letting him.
There seems to be someone she talked to on the phone that was telling her to keep teasing him.
I'm hoping its a female friend of hers and not a male dom giving her orders to string along the MC. If she has a female dom giving orders, that would be ok too.

Everything he is doing is for Guts. He wants Guts to get stronger and have the power to be able to fight with him 1 on 1.

It's all for Guts
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Demon rape- fuck you
Guts already had the power to fight him 1 on 1. In fact, he won and spared him.
The rape was only a means of giving Guts the motivation to keep going and to live.

It's all for Guts.

The age of Gyaru has finally come.
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>it's a generic romcom
>read a manga with a gal as the main heroine
>she doesn't have any romantic interest in the MC
Everytime. At least NTR scenarios aren't made up.

>not even funny, just over used cliché garbage

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2017-05-23 02.48.24.jpg
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All your Chiyo fags can die. She finally admitted it to herself and declared Chiyo a rival.
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Do you enjoy looking at jpg artifacts?

Do you enjoy sucking cock? Cuz I don't artifact on my phone.
>mobile fag
Jesus. I better this isn't even your main board

what do you think about muscular girls /a/?
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Pretty shit if the artist has absolutely no idea how anatomy works.
Wtf are those shoulders.
faggots in denial
I like them, but overly exaggerated shit like this is just that, shit.

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ITT: Characters who ruined an otherwise perfectly good anime
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She's the main fucking character of the anime, and the main driving force behind the plot. If you subtract her you don't have the anime. Christ, how retarded can you get?

I don't even like the show.
The blonde girl from Trigun
Who cares? She still ruined it. And she is not the main character idiot.

What's /a/'s consensus on armpits?
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They are the sexiest part of a woman's body, save maybe the anus. I want to sniff them.
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You are a gentleman of refined taste.
Their perfection can only be achieved by 2d. Real, hairy armpits are fucking disgusting

How would one upload about 2TB of Manga which I snatched from nyaa b4 it went down.

PS should be safe and secure / no torrents
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Jeez I dunno, why don't you go somewhere and find out nerd. Preferably Advice or Google
Thnx 4 the you douchebag
go upload it to madokami

>Watch Space Dandy Dubbed
>Its pretty good, especially the English voice acting
>Look up the OP cause its alright
>Accidentally find the Sub version
>mfw the Sub version is far more superior

I guess they changed it for Western Audiences cause we prefer our intros to be fucking boring. But seriously why?
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I remember there being licensing issues in the beginning, so the dub had a different OP.
However those were sorted out at some point and the dub got the original Japanese OP.
Funi cut down the OP when they first broadcasted it on Adult Swim so that they could squeeze in more time for commercials. They started broadcasting it with the full OP after a few weeks due to popular demand.
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Oh alright, hows the manga by the way?

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