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katachi nose.jpg
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>Guy regains consciousness in hospital
>Is only on a nasal cannula

What the FUCK is this? If a patient loses consciousness, then he can no longer protect his airway. Therefore hospital protocol mandates the insertion of an endotracheal tube to maintain airway patency and protect the lungs from aspiration. An ETT is a huge plastic tube that is inserted through the mouth and vocal cords, connected to a large machine called a ventilator which handles the work of breathing for the patient. This setup is also done exclusively in the intensive care unit, where the patient is under 24/7 supervision and could never escape like Ishida did in the movie. No sane hospital in the developed world could get away with putting an unconscious patient on a freaking low flow oxygen therapy setup like a nasal cannula.

0/10. Ruined the whole movie for me.
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Calm down, anon. It's anime. Not the Boards.
I didn't read any of that but I think he had a catheter in the manga.
Japanese hospitals aren't western hospitals.

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She needs to cover up
she looks very soft and squishy, as if her thighs and breasts would be the ultimate place for afternoon naps after a picnic

Dragon Ball Super is the best generic battle anime around right now.

Prove me wrong.

Don't say Hero Academia.
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I'm so glad One Piece is still around. One of the few remaining series from the time when anime was still good.
>One Piece

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>ywn fuck Judah so hard that you might go crazy
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this train wreck going to end next chapter?
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I might as well dump but I don't have the time to finish it all.
I want unbelievers to leave.

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I want to steal Akari's pantsu during swimming class so she has to spend the rest of the day not wearing any pantsu!

What do you think of soft bullying in anime and manga?
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They are all girls so what's the problem with going nopan?
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I want to be bullied by Akari.

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Over substance
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Show me your tail
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Wish i could, but my zipper's stuck. Mind helping a poor fellow out?
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Daimidaler Penguin Front Tail.png
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Are your hopes high for more animated Fate/Grand Order or did the steaming pile of shit known as First Order crush your hopes of it ever being good?
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It was literally the prologue with all the unnecessary fluff cut out, and was all the better for it. It was honestly the best animated Fate work since Prism Illya.
I can't wait for Kojiro to save the day.
We're going to have to trudge through France and Rome before getting to anything decent.

Not looking forward to that to be honest.

The guitar girl.
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Why /a/ doesn't like this anime? It's so cool.
Her faces looks demonic
I love this oblivious dork

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>boys can get pregnant, too
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Pregnant boys are sexy af
File: 1487028175388.jpg (232KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
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>you're using my pussy to masturbate
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bulbasaur getting raped.png
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>tag: male:genderbender

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maxresdefault (9).jpg
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Which Rebuild was the best one?
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2 > 3 > 1

2 is a dumb action flick which makes it enjoyable just for it's music and animation.
3 does plenty of new stuff for Evangelion.
1 is a worse remake off the first 6 episodes.

That being said none of them are actually "good".
I personally liked 3 the best, it felt like it was actually exploring new ground, even if the pacing and characterization were really inconsistent.

2 and 1 were average, but watching the original series is a much more satisfying way to experience what was basically the same story.

So pretty much the same as >>157611430
File: Evangelion 3.33-12h20m32s1.png (1MB, 1280x544px)Image search: [Google]
Evangelion 3.33-12h20m32s1.png
1MB, 1280x544px
3 was kino

>vutting hair=character developtment

why is this allowed
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I haven't watched this since ep1, did she go through a breakup or something?
At least she has actual character development to go along with it.
No, she just kept stepping on her long hair and falling over.

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Do you think he resented being a place holder Hokage?
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He was hokage for like 12 years
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I think he resented the fact his rival didn't get 1st Hokage cells so he can walk and they can have a final match against each other, and not having his own wife and child.
Not really. He clearly resented being part of social heirarchy. He clearly wanted to go on dangerous missions until he died and could reunite with Rin and Obito.

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Raphi on the front page!
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Raphiel has no fans.
Vigne supremacist reporting in.
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Raphi best dropout

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poorly drawn.png
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Just finished pic related, anyone who called this good should require their head examined because this was down right deplorable. What the hell did ANN see in this trash?
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Sorry you can't handle actual plotting in your shitty toy shows.
There was no plotting, only shit writing and slow pacing
Tons of people like it but 4chan. That must tell you something

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