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Do you guys like the meat master?
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Yes. I love her and Erina.
I ask him and he said no.
>Meat a shit, A SHIT

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moob moob
TL anon is dead, I killed him.
It's actually a Nashimoto/Sonobe chapter, but I don't have any single panels of them at hand.
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Chapter Title: True Feelings

Page 1
Nashimoto Yukari
Year 2 Class 1, Cooking Club
A girl that loves to eat. She likes Sonobe-kun, who often gives her snacks.

Sonobe Kazuya
Year 2 Class 1, Student Council Secretary, Wind Ensemble
He often gives snacks to Nashimoto-san, from his class. He knows Nashimoto-san is on a diet right now.

It'd be better to keep things this way than be totally rejected.

[Thought] I'm gonna confess to the boy I like.
Nashimoto-san, did you confess yet?

[Thought] Gonna confess...
N... no... Actually I haven't...
Eh? But everyone's already gone!

Did you get to scared?
That's too bad, huh.
Here, eat this and cheer up!!

Is it really okay to confess right now?
I'm alive, I woke up thanks to different time zones
Ooh nice, you wanna take the reins?

Just watched episode 131 then started reading the manga, I feel bad for being a filthy secondary until now. How big was the shitstorm on /a/ when this episode aired?
Also HxH thread I guess.
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it was a deconstruction
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How can hisocuck even compete?

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Photo May 23, 7 31 12 PM.jpg
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Anyone else get their physical copy today?
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Fuck my phone
Anyway, the name romaniztions are slightly different:
Laius -> Laios (YenPress' translation is closer to the actual kana, ライオス)
Chilchak -> Chilchack (Pretty inconsequential)
Farlyn -> Farin (Again, closer to the actual kana. "Farlyn" was a bit of a stretch for ファリン, but I preferred it, thought it fit the setting more.)
Senshi and Marcille are the same, and I haven't examined it enough to see what they did for Sureau, if his name is even mentioned in the first volume. I'm assuming Namari is the same, since the dwarves seem to have Japanese names.
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Can't wait to get a copy.
Oops, meant to put "Falin"
I guess both versions are a bit embellished.

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Can you name a single anime more shit and overrated than this?
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Your favorite anime.
Well my favorite just so happens to be Kemono Friends- so well done.
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literally unironically shit.jpg
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this desu

was it rape? She did say no a couple of times...
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She loved it. Didn't you see the blush?
>implying Griffith has raped anyone
They both wanted it
he's record its 2 rapes and taking in the butt form kings

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Summoning Jutsu!
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If Japan stayed how it was during WW2 but went through some reforms could Anime still somehow exist?
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Anime started before WW2 didn't it?

It'd probably be a lot more pro Japan.

Honestly had Japan stayed out of WWII, I think the emperor would have maintained absolute power longer. So I think it would have ended up similar to N. Korea.
Possibly, but western influence probably wouldn't be the exact same. That era still was westernized, but they probably wouldn't allow movies like Mad Max or Enter the Dragon to be shown openly, which subsequently leads to no Hokuto no Ken or Dragon Ball. It might end up not being as large, or at least not at the same rate. If it was still a militaristic country, they'd probably put more propaganda.

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What kind of gaijin trait in anime and manga do you prefer?
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Lack of them.
eating burgers
Butthurt american

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>Nyaa is down
>Back-up sites are also down.
Is this the end of torrent era?
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nyaa.si is up.
Both pantsu and cartel work for me.
Is it a permanent solution? I read that nyaa is gone for good by the decision of its owner.

Pantsu doesn't work for me.

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When you trigger the fandom just right
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Will we see the Bert bodyslam next episode?
BRAYH a best.
Ugly dyke.

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Name a better studio than pic related.

I'll be waiting.
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Kyoto Animation.

Kill yourself tripshit.

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It's always Monday somewhere, Anon. Let's do this.
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That's not how days work.
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And they said Japan had shit taste.
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Literally who are any of the girls on the bottom and why are two of the 2014 hirls feom Nanatsu no Taizai? Shit taste indeed.
>who are any of the girls on the bottom
So did you watch nothing in 2015 or what?
Based 2010

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ITT: anime you feel no one besides you has watched
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Don't be so salty, anon.
Did you need someone to talk to about the rape scene?
Yeah, that made me mad too.
Well, you would be wrong about that. I seriously enjoyed the anime, and I actually saw it because of a recommendation by some autist youtuber called Skallgrim

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