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ITT: Manga that you consider to be the best.
nothing objective about it, just you personal favourites.
Bonus points if it doesn't have an anime adaptation (yet)
>i know it's stupid but I really enjoy Tejina senpai
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I really need more of this.
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Golden Kamuy is a comfy masterpiece.
It´s like Dungeon Meshi, but with a slightly more psychotic Laius.

Confirmed virgin characters
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what manga or anime are you in?

Does /a/ like used goods? Ignore the talking mouse.
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>Lurk informations about thés series
>Main villain
>He kidnapped 15-years-old girls, raped them, and killed them

So this is just edgy Ghost in Shell?
Depends on what you're talking about.
I'll buy furniture and dishware on a flea market or in a second-hand store without a second thought. I'll take used books if they look alright.
I don't take other people's chewed bubblegum.
>So this is just edgy Ghost in Shell?

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It's that time again. Sorry for it being so long, but people get busy. Here is chapter 10. Disclaimer to mods as always. Published in a non porn magazine. Please don't ban me.
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>since guys like boobs for their motherliness
He actually said it, the absolute madman

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New chapter out

As expected. The forms only grow when he uses them.
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What's the chance Gugu's brother is actually the candidate for marriage?
Thanks anon, time to read this.
you're onto something here, but I doubt he has that much money and rynn should be getting married to someone from nobility.

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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 79
Based Miyuki to open the chapter
> Major league
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> scout
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4th batter with wooden bat
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I love Zono so much.

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>Myouken: In order to improve the realism of Shouya’s actions in the scene where he’s flustered as he tries to stop [his mother] Miyako from burning the money, several animation staff members performed how the characters would act. There are so many new things I want to study based off the completed visuals we achieved by handling scenes like that.

>Tsunoda: Speaking of which – the sign language; I paid attention to see if hand placements differed slightly, because if the timing of the movement was off, then the nuance of the meaning that we convey would change. We were able to notice these details thanks to our sign language director, who helped us immensely.
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>movie about a deaf girl needs a sign language expert
Is there anything Kyoani can't do?
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>one of the animators was UENO

No wonder she was so cute in the movie
Giving merch to their popular series?

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This is the very first gay canon ship, right?

also, new chapter: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/865/page/1
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Nami is there with her husbando now.
I wish a mutant would try and attack her husbando.
What ship? Cavendish and a horse?
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This. Nami loves Sanji so much. They are cute!

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megumi leaves.jpg
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Who was in the wrong here?
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Utaha a best. A BEST.

Eriri a shit. A SHIT.
Eriri >>> Utaha
keep fighting for second place

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Worth giving a watch? I have a bias for series with fantasy settings, but I don't dig the whole furry thing.
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It starts meh but keeps getting better. Few last episodes were great.
Kill yourself.

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>Gouketsu didn't get a fight

what a waste of a good character
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>Gouketsu jobbed

Thats fricking hilarious though.

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sometimes I think I will never find /a/ and get my revenge on Ranma.
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This the wrong board. Try /d/.
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Sure won't with that kind of attitude.
>hentai board
What did they mean by this?

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. . .
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The manga ended three years ago, can you stop making threads?
>we are only allowed to talk about new stuff
/a/ became shit literally
Worst girl.
Ueno should've bullied her out of existence.

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Just finished this and it was so good. /a/ you were right!

The ending was GOAT! A big fuck you in my face as I deserve.

Animation was top tier, music was good and Asuka was just the best girl in eternity.

All in all, definitely my favorite show after K-On
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It's a pretty good show but Misato is better than Asuka
File: 1469898890009.jpg (35KB, 256x256px)Image search: [Google]
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>Asuka was just the best girl in eternity.
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Glad you liked it. One of the most influential anime of all time. Be sure to watch the movie "End of Evangelion" if you haven't.

Will you be Blondie's acting partner?
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Why is the most interesting character the manager?
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I'm a bit scared of his hyper weapon.
Shit is out? Time for weekly no homo.

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