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What did commie mean by this?

Should I just switch to Coalgirls?
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You should switch to a better show.
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Like hell

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What was the point of this character?
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That's Kumiko's bf
To be Kumiko's husbando.
Watched both seasons and don't remember this character at all

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How come I can't find any info on this show's OST? It was pretty good but it's nowhere to be found
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Doesn't seem to exist yet. There's listings for the OP and ED on Japanese Amazon, but nothing for the soundtrack, so you'll just have to wait. It might be packaged with one of the blurays, but I doubt that would be the full soundtrack.

I suggest checking Japanese Amazon every week or so until the last bluray comes out and then if it's not out by a week later, you can proceed to cry.

"Youjo Senki" or "幼女戦記" are you search options. If you type it in Japanese and scroll down a bit, you can get your very own lewd Tanya dakimakura while you wait. Only $90.
I really wish this show had non-shit subs.
I want to enjoy it to it's fullest but only HS shit is available and the source material is too hard.

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When will oppai lolis rise again?
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Hopefully never.
Never, I hope.
I hope never.

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ITT: Awesome characters that died too soon.
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He's a mouse girl now.

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Was this an asspull?
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What is this?
>Fairy Tail

Come now anon, I expected more from you. I'm not mad, just dissapointed.
What was the point of giving him a human form anyway?

I think the editors just want him to end this with the next volume.

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ITT: Vaguely spoil an anime/manga and other anons try and guess it.
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It's pretentious shit that stole Devilman's ending
Radiation from space destroyed Earth's civilization of sapient dinosaurs, ancient astronauts from the same planet as Ultraman came and colonized it, they had the Seven Days of Fire, then human history happened.
He gets in the robot after all

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Domestic Abuse.webm
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>has remained static through the entirety of dragonball, Z and super
>wife beater
>abandons his family time and time again
>has no job
>merely sees his children as tools to use against monsters
>a sociopath who has never shown a shred of love to anybody
>Purely focused on fighting

This is one of the most popular characters in Japan.

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Because that's a very accurate description of pretty much every warrior class in history.

Goku is a true motherfucking warrior nigga.
Read the manga

>Comparing humans to sayajins

That's like comparing wolfs with dogs that are bred into submission so that they can become friendly pets instead of predators.

why is she smiling

some fucking asshole who made her life hell shows up again after years and wants to friends cuz lol

how is she not trying to strangle this fucker


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This isn't based off of real life, anon...
She's nervous and doesn't really no how to react, she makes a lot of weird faces.

This movie is bad because they don't consummate their love in the end, this is the objective truth.
She's a weak and submissive beta femcuck who always has been at the bottom of social hierarchy. Awkwardly smiling is her only defence.

So am I supposed to take this seriously or not?
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>can't infer it himself
go watch something that better suits your autistic needs
Yes, you are supposed to take it seriously.
>taking entertainment seriously

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ITT: """""Villians""""" who did nothing wrong.
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Name literally one (1) thing he did wrong.

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finds a way.jpg
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>Your Name is already in IMDb top 100
Is anime saved?
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I don't see my name anywhere on that How would they know my name to begin with?
Why the fuck is Monty Python and the Holy Grail so low?
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>Giving a shit about IMDb rankings

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Find a flaw.
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Hair is not a ponytail
There is no flaw, Chiya is perfect.
She's a lesbian

Why does the autistic girl always win?
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Because they're pretty.
You can see that in every anime ever that the autistic girls are always drawn beautifully and fawned over by the mc.
Men doesn't care about girls inner quality as long as their outer appearance are good looking.
Which explains why humans has getting dumber each generation.
I was so salty about this ending. Still am.
Because they need saving and protection because of their anxiety and sperg stuff.

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Winter 2017
>Violet Evergarden
Winter 2018
A whole year between shows. Why must it be this way?
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Because movies are more profitable than TV anime at the moment.
The price of quality
Are they even making any movies? Isn't it all recaps, well there is that chuu2 movie but still doesn't feel like much. 1 TB series, 1 movie and some recaps doesn't seem like much

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