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Umaru resembles a chicken nugget.
Umaru is perfect
>Onii-chan dies in a freak accident
wat do

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Do you guys still like K-on?
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Why is Jun-chan so lewd?
Yeah, me on the top left with my girlfriend

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This shit is starting to lose me. The plot's been circling around not going anywhere. Same with the characters. It's all been stuck in the same shitty city. And this is supposed to go on for another dozen or so episodes?

Contrast that with Genesis, where it managed to build an expansive world in just 12 episodes without much trouble with pacing.
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if favaro doesn't show up i'm dropping this turd
It literally doesn't matter. The current political climate is as interesting as the worldbuilding in Genesis, and the action probably won't remain in the city.
It's 2-cour, remember?
Genesis had problems with pacing and direction toward the end, especially around the part where they were stuck in the city.
It's stupid to waste your super high fantasy world on poorly written politics and weak interpersonal drama that can't hope to compare to the chemistry with Kaisar and FAVAAROOO

What do you do?
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Deep sniffing and masturbating with them.

tie them into a rope and hang myself.
Burn them and buy her a pack of diapers

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ITT: Male characters that you could beat on a fist fight
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I could totally beat up this crossdressing faggot
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that's a girl

>see this
What would you do?
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I don't like where this is going.
>no rock music
That loli is gonna have to try harder than that.
You're at least 16, right?

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What did you say to Touka this time anon?
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gas your self touka shits
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She has blue hair?
what in the fuck i always though it was just straight black

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So /a/... how refined is your "anime" palate?
Let me put your sophistication of the Anime medium to the test.

Simple question. Simple answer.
>one of these is not like the other
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Shinji is trash.
GC is trash
Yuno is trash
Pedopandering the Anime

>Answer is obviously Haruhi Suzumiya.
Eromanga-sensei, it's taller than it is wide while the rest are the other way around.

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so how much is this going to disappoint yuri on ice fans when they realize is pretty much not their second coming?
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>almost no homo
>way better
I don't see the issue.
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>when they realize is pretty much not their second coming?
Fujo will ship its male characters anyway.

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What are some anime that you think should get remade?
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Boku no PIco
Hunter x Hunter
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I hope down the line, like say μ's 10th anniversary, they remake the show only using these characters.

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my normal gay violent household.png
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Is magical China such a heavenly place that a two mom household is considered normal as hell?
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That's probably something you just don't ask about.
Even if they judge Vivio, I hope they would know it's not her fault her parents are dykes.

While the Corona vs Hair fight was fun, I haven't really liked Space China, I want to get onto Vivio vs Nanoha already.
Mid Childa's population was at least 4/5 female from what we have seen, most couples must be lesbians having iPS babies or adopting. If this process continues for long enough the ratio of males will just go lower since children made from the genetic material of two women can only be female, meanwhile 2 men can produce either male or female offspring assuming their technology is advanced enough to have artificial wombs or something similar, which they should.
Vivid Strike season 2 when?

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Have we had any truly great shows this decade?
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Kill la Kill

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Is togashi a genius or a shameless asspuller?
I can't tell
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>Couldn't post this shit in the already active HxH thread.

That anon is right, you are the garbage killing off legit HxH threads

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Someone please answer.
t. The Cartel
you bastards

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