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>[HorribleSubs] Natsume Yuujinchou Roku - 07 [720p].mkv
Time for a Reiko episode, get in here
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Reminder that the new OST comes out today.
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>next week's guest VA
Ono Daisuke and Takamori Natsumi.

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Kumiko is ____
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Shuuichis wife
Fuck off with your template threads.
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Started rewatching this shit and Silver>Pink>Black>Blacks shit>Oranges shit>>>>>Orange.

Also any news of the LN ending anytime soon?
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Silver a best. A BEST.

Orange a shit. A SHIT.
I see you are a man of refined taste

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Is Rance what Gaijin men look like to Japanese women?
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sasuga gaijin
No, it's how they look like to Nip men and how Nip women want them to look.
They want them to be loudmouthed rapists?

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>Ch. 57 Rooftop
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>…What’s wrong?

>…Well, a lot of things have happened.
>But I’d be happy if you can think that there was a good thing too.
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m0043 copy_xHsyj4NsG-M.jpg
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>Of course


>We are glad that you came!
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>We’ll bring the medicines for sure!

>I’m counting on you!

>Well, we’ll be back.

Has there ever been a more in-vain death in anime?
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i cry every tiem.

this was back when dragon ball still had some emotional impact.

Literally every death in this show after Mine was completely in vain to where they didn't even manage to distract other characters or the viewers for more than 25 seconds.
>after mine
lol faggot. since chelsea died, it was easy to see the entire point of the whole thing was just to kill characters for no reason whatsoever, even making them act out of character for it

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The new and improved Aleister (female) is pretty cute. Keikaku doori!
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So Laura is going nuts on Academy City while Aleister is invading England?
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Best anime fights itt. Say what you want about this show but this fight man.
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Naruto is a great show. Even with it's flaws, the merits easily outweigh them.
It's average, not great.
>the merits easily outweigh them.

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no anime news, no hype; them's the rules

gist of the chapter: Hanayama is retarded and doesn't know who Musashi is, then we get reminded about how it's brawler's pride and shit to not prepare, then we finally get to Musashi
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Why were they all autistic?
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The chromatic aberration gives them brain damage.
People were trying to put them down, just because they get around.

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Somebody irl suggested I watch this a while back, and I just started to get around to it.

Just me, is it it reeeally bad?
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The first 5 episodes are alright. After that it's not worth watching. Drop it there.
How about you fucking watch it for yourself
It's easily one of the best modern shounen anime out actually.

which anime character has the nicest nails?
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I am reminded of the Skip Beat nail painting scene.
I'm not sure of all time but Hotaru is a great semi-recent example.

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How do you feel about flat chest envy?
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I feel nothing, because that doesn't exist.
"Oh man, I sure wish my penis was smaller"
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>Power level: X
>The scouter must be broken!
Why do they always assume it's broken? Isn't the entire point of the device so that combatants won't engage in deceptively powerful opponents? What is the point of having them if not for that use? They're essentially just a way to compare penis sizes at that point. Might as well make a device that displays a person's yearly household income too.
And they also explode too much. And nobody seems shocked by it. Space Pirate Samsung must have a monopoly.
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>asking why dragon ball has shitty writing
Dramatic effect
So that Toriyama can asspull a power mid fight and you won't be surprised since his power level was never seen.

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>Ippo get hit and push away at the start
>Kinda fear that George will give us a "Ippo has a bad start and basically need to restart from the bottom and get everyone trust back"
>Suddenly Ippo wake up and get full sanic

God damn don't scare me like that George!
Also that Filipino guy is literally cannon fodder...
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Now that he's fast maybe he can finally learn to dodge things?
why the fuck do i love Ippo so much
it has been the same fucking thing for 1000+ chapters but for some reason i can't find it boring
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