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Due to the recent space dandy threads, i marathoned both seasons and finished it just now. And i have to say, i was missing at least 10% of my life. This is an absolute essential.
Thank you /a/.
Seriously, thank you.
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thanks for the blogpost, keep us updated!!!
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Subbed or dubbed?
Space Dandy is one of the rare animes that I actually prefer in english
Did you watch sub or dub? What episode's your favorite?

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This is an Aztec Goddess

Say hi to her
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Stop posting this shitty moeblob on /v/
I want to be your little boy toy, goddess Lucoa!

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Who here happy for BIGGER 7 ?
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Still shit.
Cant't have it all
>The Inquisitive Anon
Fuck off.

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Characters you would gladly call mommy or daddy
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I would be her person toilet seat
I would be her footstool

Why doesn't anime appreciate kisses?
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it's a bit of disgusting
its cute/hot
Because the moment their lips meet it is considered hentai

Dumping a translation for chapter 2 of the Brave Witches prequel manga.
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A Neuroi!

Could it be a scout?

What's it matter? I'm going in!


Stay back!
I can handle it myself!
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Tch... Still too far away.

Are you really planning to take it on alone, Nao-chan?

Just watch and learn!


Is the Adolescence of Utena the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me of anime or is that End of Evangelion?
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I think Ikuhara is closer to being the anime equivalent to Lynch than Anno.
Especially when you consider Penguindrum and Yuri Kuma in addition to Utena.
I was thinking about the similar endings of Evangelion and Twin peaks.
>Main character falls in love, seemingly out of nowhere
Many anons expressed how they wanted Kaworu removed if they could change anything about Evangelion. Same thing with Cooper's love interest.
>Main character enters another world
For Shinji it was a kind of "heaven" and for Cooper it was a kind of purgatory.

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what do you think about gantz
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katastrophe was a big letdown.
the whole alien invasion went a bit far
S2 never

Thanks to the movie you can see Gantz threads on /a/ now.

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Would it be better if it had three seasons?
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The first thing I would want improved is production quality, over anything narrative. As far as length goes, I think it would have been better if it were a film.
What the best BD version of this? Torrenting Ankular now.
Such a fucking good op. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et0wJ7ie1HA

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Season 3 fucking when?
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after the anime of his new manga so 2020 something
It's not enough that best girl lost so hard she turned into a man, you need to see it ANIMATED?

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Why does Japan turn every male historical figure into a girl?
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its fun
Why not?
Guys don't have breasts.

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Name one character that suffered more than this guy.
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melon bread nigga.jpg
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he had to lick a lot of peanut butter off her snatch after she adopted him
I'm failing to see the problem.

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This is a happy villain.
Also more information on Misora.
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Sad to find the thread I missed died so soon. I love this show, even if the dialogue is a bit dry.
That black screened knocking at the end was great.
The okaeri story is kind of retarded, but this was a good episode.
Solid show so far
Can someone explain how the witch got free?

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Is the Masamune-kun manga worth reading? I thought the anime was mildly entertaining, and I'm in the mood to read some romcom stuff.
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If you're even considering it then your shit taste is terminal.
No, it's genuinely shit.

Also, if you considered the anime entretaining at all you should seriously contemplate suicide
I meant entertaining in the sense of "Ëh, I've got nothing else better to do and this isn't COMPLETE trash"

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A story how pathetic americans in the pacific theater got btfo by based japs.
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Holy shit, is that Vectorman?
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