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How is Kagawa life?
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It's been replaced with katawa life.
Post Top Yuusha
>2 months until the next movie
I need more Sonocchi NOW

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What was her raison d'être?
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A cheeseburger with extra pickles, large fanta, and unsalted fries, served with mustard.
This show would have been a billion times better if it had ditched the male character (totally forgot his name thats how interesting he was) and focused on re-l solving crime stuffs in the city; ghost in the shell style.
Such a great character design and such a cool setting but they wasted it on generic shonen shit.

>unsalted fries

What the actual fuck is wrong with you
Is that even a thing?
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>forgetting Vincent law
It was a moe anime, not a battleshounen.

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Remember the beginning when Tomoko actually used to be sympathetic and interesting?
What happened?
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People change over time, esepcially someone as young as Tomoko. If you don't than you're simply a retard.
Tomoko was never meant to be sympathetic. You couldn't have missed the point harder.
The entire point of her character is that she's a *realistic* shut-in. She's dumb, mean and utterly full of shit. She causes 100% of her own problems; that's what makes her interesting.
You can still feel bad for her but she isn't the hero of this story.
>Tomoko was never meant to be sympathetic
>The entire point of her character is that she's a *realistic* shut-in.
>She causes 100% of her own problems; that's what makes her interesting.
Mostly correct
>she isn't the hero of this story.

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12. *1,250 *1,250 Shingeki no Bahamut: GenesisBlu-ray BOX Special Prize Edition
16. **,547 30,299 Granblue Fantasy The AnimationVol.1 Limited Edition

Once again Japan shows that that the nukes were justified
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Fuck off.
Its because every volume of GBF comes with shit for the game

The anime is hot garbage

If you buy all the volumes you get a damacus bar, sunlight stone and a gold bar.

Gold Bar being the most valuable item in the game and Sunlight Stone being right behind it.

This doesn't include the skins and pull tickets that come with the separate volumes too

Literally no one is buying that anime because its good.
>Special Prize edition
So what does it cost 300 dollars for 2 episode?

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Is this a coincidence?
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No, that's Sailormoon, you faggot.
Eva was confirmed by Anno to be a Tom & Jerry reference.
since the Evangelion Manga came out 1994 and Aristocats came out 1970 it is obviousely stolen

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Code Geass is the best anime.

Debate me.
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It's my personal favorite, but given how many different genres, styles, and target audiences anime covers, I don't think you can call it the best.
It's stupid as fuck.
Stfu, is just a copy of logh

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anime aesthetic thread
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Suprised no Lain yet

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Official subs of ED are avaible


Lyrics are so deep
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>those lyrics
>that pronunciation
The ending is kino, i also love how they just spoil what's in the basement with it.
don't spoil me, just tell me if I'm right or wrong:

all titans come from humans messed with by Monkey Business and Connie's entire village have been turned into titans, right?

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I hope your waifu is a beautiful blonde lady, right?
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Drink Warspite's tea
>Implying you are worthy of even approaching Her Royal Thighness's Teamaking facilities.

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Starting with an obvious one.
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Rokudenashi is worst girls the show. Glenn deserves better than that trainwreck.

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Sakurasou no pet na kanojo is a good show and I want to argue with people who think it isn't. Tell me why you dislike it.
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The source is a trainwreck so I dislike the anime too.
that's not an argument
It's shit because it's another generic predictable rom-com where the worst most autistic girl wins.

What's exceptionally bad is that the writer can't make geniune or interesting character relationships so he has to contrive shitty plot convinces that will force mc and obvious winner bitch together no matter what.

No more matter how much better the other girl is she is at the mercy or plot connivence, which will give the autistic girl an advantage no matter what.

It's garbage, and drags on way to long, just another forced romance where best girl/iknewthemcfirst will lose to the I ''''''justt''''' met the mc but due to bullshit circumstances i am forced to be in his company 95% of the time i'm on screen.

I'm just glad i've almost completely discarded this trash from my memory.

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>Koe no Katachi
>25,078 BDs, 7,482 DVDs

What went so incredibely wrong? Why did it sell so little considering this is a movie that grossed over 2.3 billion at the box office in Japan. Movies that make this much usually sell over 100k discs, hell, movies that grossed less sold more discs like all 3 Kizu movies.
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>usually sell over 100k discs
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See Madoka, GuP, Keion, LoveLive. Etc

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she's fucking retarded
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a cute retard
She's just physically ill from all the chromatic aberration. I know I am.
Well, this worked, for a brief period of time. She couldn't exactly play hide and seek when she was a kid.

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>anime original ending
Is there any series that did more than just a serviceable job with one?
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i can't answer

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