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New Chapter Out
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__________ is for nomufication
So wait the zombie OVA is bundled with Volume 14 right? And that comes out June second iirc

Unless Hori wraps this up in 2 weeks, we have a long ride ahead of us

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Part 2 of the Haifuri OVA soon.
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OVA 2 raw is out now:
How may hours until S2 announcement?

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Worth watching or is this one of those episodic shows where the plot goes nowhere for 90% of the episodes?
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I want to fuck a nigger princess.
well, considering it's only 39 episodes, not the latter thing, obviously
There is a developing plot about a secret war for the fate of the world that is directly behind the main characters' personal motivations. They never really understand it, are only peripherally involved, and it's only in half the episodes.

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Girls that have no chance of winning their harem lead should just apply for harem lead role in the follow-up season.
Better yet, once the MC proves to be too much of a beta faggot, they should all lez out with each other and leave him forever ronery.
None in this show had a fucking chance, except Rika but who cares.

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This shit is hilarious.
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It is, even if it is a reskin of his pure orc and lewd elf comic.
This manga already canned right? translations aren't appearing anymore

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Why the last episodes of anime ( the special of second season) have such low rating ? And what do you think about it overall? I liked second season more.
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>Why the last episodes of anime ( the special of second season) have such low rating ?
Why do you have such weird grammar?
Lurk 2 years before posting.
Kuroneko by far is better than that cunt of kirino why the creator is a fucking siscon

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Is it worth watching?
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With what your time is worth, drying paint is worth watching.
Someone here once told me "you are a bad person for coming to /a/ without watching Akira."

I still havent watched but I downloaded the 25th year edition. Will be watching soon

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Why did they change the name of the movie from a silent voice to the shape of voice at the end? It makes no sense.
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a silent voice? more like a silent flop.
Koe no Katachi means Shape of Voice. I don't even know where they got silent from.
Why did they try to pull off this scene when only two of the characters in this image actually mean anything to the plot.

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stop hating honoka
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Red leaders are my favorite
But, I love her so much.

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>watching or reading something set in Japan set around the 1910-1930
>get emotionally attached to the characters
>feel like crap later

Not trying to stir up any political shitposting or whatever. But I have to say it makes me feel a little uneasy knowing that those characters and any potential happy families they raise are likely going to get assfucked by life without any real control over it.
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Most people die at one point or other.
Koume, wake up. They're fire bombing Tokyo.
Not again!

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>Nine year old with DD cup breasts

How is this possible?
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Clearly you've never seen Dokuro-chan
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The chemicals they put into the water makes lolis oppai and turns the frogs gay.


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Maliciously cute
She was the alpha-female. She really wanted Ishida. She tried everything she could. She was the most honest out of all of them.

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These two sluts and Cecilia are trash.
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that blue shit from rezero.
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Worst purity derail since the Sacred Blacksmith

English game is out today. Time to learn just how badly handled the anime was.
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There is a 100% chance I will spoil the third game in this thread
oh huh. fan or official?
Official, it's on ps4 and vita

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Which of these fucks you hated the most?
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Both are great.
Hating is for losers.
You only develop hatred out of helplessness. Everybody feels helpless once in a while. That's normal. Just don't make a habit out of it and grow to master your challenges.
But how can you feel helpless when dealing with a fictional entity?
That's just weird.
It's almost like you are a natural loser.
I felt more sorry than angry towards Shinji Ikari

Subaru almost made me stop watching Re:Zero, some friends actually dropped the anime

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