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Would you ravage her?
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Sure why not?
Yes but only tenderly.
Until I collapse.

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Would you pick this call?
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With pleasure.
I would let it go to voicemail. Then as she's leaving a message, I would call her. So when she finishes leaving the voicemail, she'd see that I called her just a moment ago. Absolutely devilish, right?
No, but I don't even answers calls from my family.

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Get in here utahabros
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Do they still exist, after getting BTFO in the last episode?

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I love you /a/!
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This little dog girl got so much pipe laid into her.
I love you too, Mikan!
I love you too, Mikan!

Can compressed air fired at really high speed actually cause damage?
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Should be able to, in the same way water can be used to pressure cut.
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It depends on how hard you train.
Considering we use compressed air to slaughter livestock, yes.

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the end.jpg
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And so Youhei settled down to run this little pub and then married this cute girl. They both lived happily ever after. The end.
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Was it rape?
Nice tits

Okay tits

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Time for stuff
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Reminder that Suzu a best
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"I got a pen callous"

"I hate the rugged feeling"

"I don't think it's too bad"

"If you pulled a kanchou with that finger, it might feel good"
"You won't need a finger coat for that"
"You don't have to go out of your way to praise..."
"Wait, are you being serious?"
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Comic 1
Erotic Happening

When she tried to get into her short pants and take off her track pants, she took off too much.

"D-did you see that!?"
"No, I didn't see anything"

"I saw!!"

"The band traces from your panties..."
"It's like you were actually wearing panties"
"Could you not make this complicated?"

Comic 2

Daimon-sensei is married
"I'm coming home early today"

"Ah, are you talking to your wife?"
"Ah yeah"

Daimon-sensei has a kid
"I'm comin howme bewy soooon"

"Ah, are you talking to your wife?"

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Those eyes look familiar
i recognise this art
I don't understand this Nip meme

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Sex? With Erina?
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Anything for my queen!
Sex with Erina Joestar?
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what did she mean by this?
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I think she might be a slut. Maybe.
she sees lots of detectives and cats
Nice edit, she's pure.

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Applies also characters who

- Have their own agenda.
- Only fights to balance the scales.
- Prefers to spectate how other factions kill each other.

Recently some Bahamut fans say this guy could favor greatly any side he chooses, but actually doesnt give a shit because he prefers to read books.

Is there another anime character like that?
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I don't watch the anime or play RoB but i do play Shadowverse. Is that Lucifer?
Lucifer is most of the time reading books and doesnt give two shits about anything at all.

He did move his ass to fight Bahamut in the last epusode of the first season.

Another one could be Sesshomaru from Inuyasha. Hes strong as fuck but has his own agenda.

Accelerator from Index

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Why didn't he go with her?
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because he's still a kid.
And by the end of the show he's grown up enough to realize it.
Maybe I'm not grown up enough because I would have went and had space adventures with my waifu
She didn't love him, and she wouldn't have loved you.

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OC only, Here's the template
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self bump/ contribution
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Why are JCs so perverted?
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Girls around that age subconsciously desire impregnation
They're written by sick old men.
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JCs are great, but I prefer JSs.

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ITT: Unknown but perfect girls
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OK fine have another
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Excellent taste, OP. Here's a Jojo girl fans tend to overlook.
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Oh fuck that's right, I honestly thought she'd be the next Erina

Also why are unknown girls always the best?

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