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Trolltaru the chapter.
TL by s07195.


"What's up? Why'd you call me out to the secret base?"
"When did the stove even get brought in..."
"Oh, yes."
"I have a bit of a request to make..."


"I want a baby."
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Is there something different
about Hotaru-san today?
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"Wait, that's... that's just too fast... or more like too difficult..."
"We should really have solid life designs and also family planning and..."
"Oh, I see. Then it's fine."

"I won't force you. I'll just ask someone else."
"Eh? Ask other people?"

"Ho... Don't ask others..."
"I'm fine with it!!!!!"

"Fu... I thought you would say so..."
"Heheh...well, then, let's..."

"I'd like one that is 7 months or older."
"It would be dangerous before then, so we need to watch out."
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"There are two methods!"
"Ah... okay..."
"One is to go around asking nearby families with babies."
"What are you talking about?!"

"What, you ask?"
"Obviously, 'Tamago Boro'."
"If you're talking about dagashi for babies, this is the only one that comes to mind."

Kokonotsu-kun, Tamago Boro is classified as baby food,
and even 7-month old babies are able to eat it. How amazing!
That means it's that the first dagashi you are able to eat...
And that's why I want to see it...

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Here's a question, why was this animated?

Yes it's a beautiful masterwork of craft and skill, but in what way did the medium help the storytelling? Everything could have been acted out instead and shot live action.

Try to answer something other than just "2D>3D"
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Have you ever seen a good live action mahou shoujo? Exactly.

Tokushit doesn't count.
This is a really odd example series to use.
>Mahou Shoujo are traditionally animated
>MadoMagi draws a lot of its imagery and personality from other anime that came before it
>It's supposed to have a pure/impure visual contrast which is more effective when animated
>Liveaction for a show like this would need a lot of CG. Very expensive, not very effective

Wait a minute, where the fuck are they getting all this shitty boats from? Why do they keep breaking? Why is each group too autistic or stupid to have someone else able to fix them? How would Kerry even get into this kind of situation in real life?
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Why'd you take a photo of your screen? You know you can screenshot, right?
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Why do all these people keep getting tied to train tracks?
oh god no
stop this thread before it happens

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Where should I begin with the Jojo series?

Is there a good starting point? I'm very confused.
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Maybe start at the beginning?
Literally at the beginning

Yes the opening arc is a little slow, but it gets better. The current anime is very good, just start from episode one and get some popcorn.
uh, part 1

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What does /a/ think of this manga?
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It's absolute garbage
Not bad at all. Not the most creative manga out there with plenty of tropes, but it was good fun back when I read it a few years back. Sometimes you just want to read some simple fun.
like all shonen mangas, at some point (very early in this case) it all become too exaggerated and ridicolous. the "oh look there is a monster stronger than the one before repeat x100" formula.
plus, characters stereotyped, story not very interesting.
the only good thing was the idea, after 10 issues it already began to feel boring

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solar system.jpg
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Left to right: which seiyuu should voice which heavenly body?
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Kana Asumi as Venus-chan
Sayaka Ohara as Saturn-chan
Kaori Fukuhara as Neptune-chan
Asuka Ogame as Pluto-chin
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Aoi is cute! CUTE!

Is Piccolo the most well designed character in anime history? Purely from a visual standpoint, he's always stood out to me from other anime characters, both in Dragon Ball Z and other popular series at the time. There was something about seeing Piccolo's design back in the day in commercials for DBZ that made me watch the show.

A green dude isn't that wild or imaginative in design terms, but a lot of little details help bring him together. The protruding eyebrow ridges, pointed ears, deep voice, and stoic nature give him an almost mystic quality. Not to mention his iconic and very visually distinct outfit. I remember thinking as a kid that Piccolo's outfit was the coolest clothing I'd ever seen.

Do you agree? If not, which characters do you think are designed extremely well form a mainly visual standpoint?
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either him or Cell
I think the enemy design as a whole was really on point in Dragon Ball. Freiza's original form, Cell, and Buu were all so visually memorable.
tbqh I wouldn't say he was the most iconic character in his own series

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Rumia/ Lumia "The damsel in distress"
Sistine "The useless pig"
Re-el/ ?? literally "The backstabbing bitch"
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Celica "The useless witch/ mother"
Whoa how did this happen this magical schoolgirl academy feat. protagman-sama anime is poorly produced and totally lacking narratively my perception of life is totally thrown off balance
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>Helped Glen kill the zombies in episode 3.
>Saved Glen from glowing sword man.
>Took one of the three dueling spots in the magic competition and won.

The fuck are you even saying?

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Shit Just Got Re=L.jpg
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Shit just got Re=L
>gets this massive fucking sword shoved through your body
>"he's still breathing"
>20+ mins later
I dun believe it.

Can you do this, /a/?
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everyone with skin can do that without injuring themselves
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Eno is just extremely weird!

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so does /a/ agree that she did nothing wrong?
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She bullied best girl, and for this she must die.
>she did nothing wrong
She made my dick hard though.
She is cute but something about her eyes makes her look a little downy. Are they too far apart?

God an idle question I've been pondering while watching anime of late. What is the Japanese predilection for foreign characters having more than two names, using all names when announcing themselves?

I've never seen the logic.

Picture only related because... there's three of them and I had nothing relevant to post.
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Me in the middle
I've got no clue. It's from some facebook group or another I've got liked, but I saved it like two years ago.
Piece of advice, never post a picture more interesting than the topic you want to discuss.

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Remember the ecchi manga where the MC is acting as his mentally shattered brother to find the "Wonder Rabbit Girl" responsible, through exploring various girls' fetishes?

We incest homogay bromarriage end now.
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>The real Wonder Rabbit Girl...
File: 0M9acdda.jpg (380KB, 959x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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>Is his brother, YOU!
(Fetish: Incest)
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>I shall pretend that nothing happened...

>"I have a secret I haven't told you...I'm a magi."

Three years after the death of his foster father, strange events begin happening in town, and he finds himself drawn into a battle between the magi called "Masters".
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Three years? Weird. I thought it was more like five.
Why doesn't anyone use the Holy Grail to become a cross-world hopping omnicidal monster and just genocide humanity in various timelines?

Or would Allaya summon Counter Guardians during the Grail War to stop the wish from occurring in the first place?
I always had this pet theory that besides the pendant, the reason why EMIYA gets summoned to the 5th grail war is precisely to prevent shit like Kotomine hijacking the grail or the whole heaven's feel scenario from happening

How is Maria his sister when she is the daughter of his sister? Wouldn't that maker her his niece? Or did Pedro get his mom pregnant and not his sister?
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He never calls Maria his sister.
Their ages are close enough

In japan its common for little girls to call young adults onii-chan
>How is Maria his sister
Its dont

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