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>This actually got translated

I can't believe I missed it, even though it's just one of three this is exactly the genderbender I want.
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Is it good?
Wait. Isn't this one r-18?

Nah what's the point

AN fucking TARTICA

Are you serious right now?
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Even penguins have issues, anon. Are you saying Oshino should have left those poor little penguins to suffer?

OP is a bad person, for shame.
you forgot a C
The anime skipped the fact that Ougi "imprisoned" him there by using the lost cow power.
>Are you serious right now?
Yeah, the point is that it should be a completely not obvious place.

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This hero of justice is packing some heat down there.
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I'm also digging Ten-chan's character design
Wait, this shit still ongoing? Damn. I dropped it at the teacher or something part, though I doubt there is only one teacher involved in this up to now.
he should continued doing doujins.

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Nano, Nano...!
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i want to hug the robot
why not Professor?
Why is the worst part of the show paired up with the best part of the show?

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Why is this the greatest manga of all time?

I just finished it. Is there more like it? The "gender bender" tag only leads me to lame crossdressing crap instead of actual gender change, and Ranma 1/2 sucks balls.
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>people wasting time talking about Dragon Ball Super Shitty and Berserk when they could be talking about the #1 manga in the world
>Is there more like it?
Yup, there is.

Would you like a list?

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>18 episodes before she gets a line of dialogue
I honestly thought she was mute. What the fuck?
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She talked in the OVA. The OVA versions of Amanda and her crew was better than the TV version
It's been a while since I saw Enchanted Parade, I forgot about all of Amanda's crew except Amanda.
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>I honestly thought she was mute. What the fuck?
You meant Constanze right?

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Moment of the year award.
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I really like the development Blitz has gotten. It was very calculated, it would be nice to see more of the time they spent with Altair later on
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Can't believe I didn't call it.
So what exactly can Souta do now?

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A lot of purist always say that being faithful is important for an adaptation, but is it really. I know there are countless of examples of changes made in adaption that made it worse, but also where changes are actually better. One example is when Krillen was about to kill Vegeta, but Goku stops him. Now this where the differences are seen. In the manga and kai , Goku stops him to one day have another fight. While in the Z dub, Goku wanted to give him mercy so that one day he would as well. I just found the Z dub version more endearing and the most sense really. In the original manga, Krillen basically let a man who was about to kill him, his friends, and the Earth just so Goku can have another fight. And remember that Vegeta almost killed Goku himself, so confidence in Goku is not really a good reason. I just find the original intent to be retarded, while the change makes more sense. Does /a/ have instances of these as well, and do you agree that faithfulness is necessary?
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>Is being faithful that necessary?
Is this a /pol/ thread?

All that matters is that the work captures the tone of the original. Who wants to see the same shit again?

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Kayo did nothing wrong. If she'd waited until he woke up to marry him, she'd be 25 and probably considered Christmas Cake, she'd be taking a heavy risk because Satarou might not want to marry her then. She wanted to get married and have a baby so she did. Hiromi was gay for Satarou but married Kayo so they could both think about Satarou while having sex with each other, this is called a "beard" marriage.
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Traitorous whore.
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It doesn't matter, because Airi was always best, bravest, smartest and most faithful girl. If you watched it instead of reading most of it before the anime ever was announced or aired, didn't avoid all anime shitfest threads, and didn't let yourself get spoiled about the ending before scanlations completed then you deserve what happened to you. You should know that original > adaption and that /a/ these days is incapable of having good threads about an ongoing seasonal anime.
She a gud gurl

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>Aizawa expelled over a hundred of students and none of them is Mineta
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Takumi a cute.
I want to make her a single mother.
>he can't understand the powers of sticky grapes
This is why he's a teacher at U.A and not you.
>Informed that he is apparently some sort of super harsh teacher
>Jobs at being a teacher and doesn't expel any students
It's either Aizawa jobs in everything he does or the kids he expelled were literally taking drugs and stabbing babies.

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Respond with an image and name of an anime!
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Vampire Holmes.
boku no pico
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Eng dub is pretty good

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>see random beetle flying around
>"Could this be the work of an enemy stand?!"

Is this show meant to be a parody of itself?
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Delet this, animeonlyfag.
Also sage.
How often do you see beetles flying around inside a plane?

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That's one cute alien.
>tfw no qt christmas cake to go eat delicious food with

oh wait I actually have one

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New episode is out. Who is looking forward to those recap episodes?
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This is your jigoku shoujo for the night. Honestly this episode has pacing issue, Michiru suddenly went from denying to accepting her role in 10 minutes.
I need to catch up. So did it end or do we get more new episodes after the recap?
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6 more episodes which are all recaps.
> It will consist of six new episodes and six selective old episodes

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Sakura is a very nice girl and I can't wait for her Heaven's Feel movies.
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Me too anon.
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She's very cute
Nice and cute mean used goods, right?

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