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How would it have been like if Togashi didn't have health issues and continued Yu Yu Hakusho until it got the ending it was supposed to? How great would it have been? And how much longer would the series be?

It seems he had a lot of interesting story arcs planned but had to rush through them in the end. Such as the rest of the demon world arc and the King Enma arc where Yusuke and his friends has to take down the corrupt rulers of spirit world.
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>How would it have been like
*What would it have been like
Probably not as good. By the middle of the Sensui arc it started to get tiring.
Not saying it wasn't good because all of the series is pretty nice, but nothing will ever top the Dark Tournament Arc and fucking Toguro as a villian.
What if it had stayed a detective story instead of turning into battles?

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So with that bout wrapped up, who goes up next?
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why is autist such an asshole?
How long until this arc gets wrapped up I haven't read it since the start of the start of the competition.
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sns 227 scoreboard.png
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It's down to 5v5 now so probably not too far.
That said, I expect the upcoming bouts will be longer.

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This is Suzu. Say something nice about her!
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Lolis are good for the heart!
Read what the sticky has to say about template threads.

> However, when he is torn to pieces by Shinobu's practiced sword techniques in an elaborate Katanagatari reference, he wakes up not in Hell, but in Heaven. Face to face with him is Princess Acerola, naked but for a demon mask. They discuss herself, her regrets, and Suicide-Master; finally, she instructs him to close his eyes, whereupon she removes the mask and imparts a mouthful of her saliva into his mouth. He returns to the real world and unloads the saliva into Suicide-Master's mummified mouth, which begins the healing process

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Is this accepted on /a/ now?
And translated chapter

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>nice chapter and great episode

Thanks DB Room.
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Leave Jiren to me
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So when will Goku give her the blue D?
A reminder that so and so is beautiful, or something.

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Just here to post this. Have a good day.
[Request more and i'll make more]
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Literally who
What? I don't get it.
Nice job OP but if you want to fulfill requests, try >>>/r/ or >>>/wsr/

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what's her problem
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The only problem is how the movie fucked her character development.
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look at her eyes she's fucking desperate

How strong is the grand priest going to be?
>he's obviously evil
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pretty strong
When goku breaks his limit and becomes super saiyan smoke hes going to one shot grande padre
Goku is obviously going to get a massive boost in power to challenge him.

(also I love that the mods have pretty much ruined /a/. these threads are going to pop up everywhere now!)

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ITT: Show this season that only you are watching
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I take it you haven't seen the 300+ post threads this show gets when it airs. I think everyone but about 5 posters dropped reflection wave though.
I've never seen threads about this at all don't you lie to me anon
He's right though. I'm not watching it because the first episode was shit, but I've seen threads.

hey guys i have a DBZ OC named Lisa i dont know why people hate her she hates everyone she spits on everyone and she's asexual and doesn't like jokes at all can people tell me why people hate my OC so much?
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You are fucking retarded, The reason why people hate her BECAUSE SHES AN ASSHOLE YOU FUCKTARD!
Incoming barneyfag?
Does he browse /a/?

Do you like sporty girls?
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Yes, I connect them.
Yeah, though I wish I was sporty enough to join them.
like tomboy? or athletic girls?

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Which Goro is Goro enough to come on top as the ultimate Goro?
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This is 2/3 /v/, go back.

Senator Armstrong is Akechi's dad.
Goro >>>>>>>>> Goro >>>>> Goro
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This is the gutsiest anime I have ever seen.

Think about it. It's the most clichéd self insert story ever produced. Not only did it get published it got an ANIME. The producers are probably shitting bricks hoping it doesn't sink. The director probably took one look at it and thought, you've got to be fucking kidding me. Anyone working on this from the inbetweeners to the voice actors are probably questioning their own sanity for being part of it.

And yet they did it anyway. I don't care who you are or what your opinion is of this show you've got to admit the people working on this project have got the biggest balls of them all.

I'm going to watch it to the end, just for the gutsy ass bastards.
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>you've got to admit the people working on this project have got the biggest balls of them all
Not really. It's not like there is any backlash on them for making it as generic as possible.
They have nothing to fear from the public except low sales and that happens all the time, so stop trying to praise this shit and their creators.
I'd say you could pick a random /a/non and have a better story.
Why hasn't anyone here written a webnovel?
I tried to read some anons story and I couldn't make it past chapter 3
>Three silvers and two golds
What kind of variation is this?
Holy shit, the absolute madmen.

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ITT: the most alpha moment in anime and manga history

>pic related
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fuck off underage
Not even the most alpha moment in One Piece. That would be when Zoro just asserts his dominance over Monet and mind fucks her into thinking she's been cut.
>I'm 15: the post

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Would you put her tits on a plate?
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why are they burned at the top
I would put her tits on my face.

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