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In this thread anime and/or manga will be intelligently discussed.

No mo/e/fags allowed.
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wich 2hu wuld u fug
>In this thread anime and/or manga will be intelligently discussed.
Ahhaahaa, no.

Griffith did nothing wrong!
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Go back to /v/.

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Which characters best fits this definition?
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You're waifu
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do you need to ask?
- Any character voiced by Nao Toyama
-Especially Ako Atarashi

What's Chino hiding?
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Her nazi thoughts
She's just being modest and doesn't want a lewd boy to look at her panties
Her cunny

Is it just me or does the fact that anybody can come back to life with the dragon balls make people's deaths less impactful?
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No shit sherlock.

No fight after frieza ever felt like it had high stakes

Nerf dragon balls pls
>Nerf dragon balls
then what's the point in collecting them! They summon a dragon genie, come on
You're only realizing that NOW?

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Has an anime or manga ever made you cry?
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Haibane Renmei makes me cry every time I watch it
Psht, naw. I'm too tough a guy to cry over cartoons that don't even real. ;_;
Oh yeah, any heart wrenching stuff gets me immediately. I recently read "Latin", made me tear up real good.

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I just watched this for the first time. It was good, but what happened in the last 2 episodes? There was literally 0 substance. Still a solid 8/10 show.
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watch "The end of eva" then come back
Haven't seen EoE?
Also the last two episodes are absolutely fucking beautiful. You idiot.
I too recently finished eva, and I have to say, I loved the original last two episodes a lot more than EoE.

Have you ever watched an anime that made you reevaluate your life, namely if you were doing the right thing or not?
I think this did to me. I stopped around the 3rd episode and it hit me what a shitty, over-saturated, quality barren wasteland anime has become. But most of all I was disgusted that I was watching this shit. I mean I like ecchi, but I realized that I must be fucking retarded to spend time watching this.

Anyone else get that?
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Nah, you just have shit taste and can't enjoy the masterpiece that is Keijo.

Yeah, but not with this show. This show was great.

Maya best girl
Yes, the dark comedy with the smelly girl.

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.
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No one cared after, either.
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Rin is getting married
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To me
Congratulations Uzuki
To whomst?

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What should I expect?
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Expect to want to drop it before the fifth episode. This is a test of strength, and if you fail you'll never reach anime nirvana.
If you can't finish all the way to the fifth episode then it's all a waste of time.
Make sure to watch it dubbed

>villain almost pulls fucking God himself into Earth so he can take his place
>was defeated by the power of friendship

How is this any less retarded than FMA 2003's Nazi subplot?
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Did you miss the part when the used a country wide alchemy circle to make him loose all the souls he had just stolen and was no longer capable of controlling the power he got and tearing him up?
>was defeated by the power of friendship

That's just how shounens work.

Your complaint isn't against FMA, but a shounen trope.
It's amazing that someone could even get lost and not understand the plot of Fullmetal Alchemist of all things.

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>100+ chapters later
>The old hag that's been trying to get the MC to fuck the villagers turns into a fluffy loli
>Decides to take things into her own hands
Oh yeah, and there's only 1 dad left for them to find on the mainland.
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I need to get back to this, I haven't read it in years.
I've been reading this since the chapters were in the single digits. Thank god that previous arc ended, felt like it was dragging on for years.
Hope you like magic.

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Who's the Queen of /a/?
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By default, it has to be Yotsuba, right?
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who's the God of /a/?

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How are you?
Fine, thank you.
Oh m/a/i gaaaaaaaaaah

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I was warned but damn i wasn't ready for that ending
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God, you had to remind me.

Fuck the author and the artist for this series.
>all that buildup for the upcoming tournament
>everyone is making their plans for it
>never ends up happening

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