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It reminds me of the films of Jean-Luc Godard, such as Goodbye to Language and King Lear
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Such garbage taste.
Stop posting sluts.
It definitely has the playfulness of the French New Wave, especially Pierrot Le Fou and Shoot The Piano Player.

And, I cant help but feel that thet were willing to make such a dialogue heavy anime after watching films like My Dinner With Andre, Before Sunset, etc.

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Is Kirari one of our favorite tall girls?
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disgusting giantess trying to act cute is very disgusting
go play sport or smut porno
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>act cute
She genuinely is cute.

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Wouldn't romance manga be better if it was about an already established couple and the problems they face together than just about some dullard who can't make up his mind?
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> Wouldn't romance manga be better if it was about an already established couple and the problems they face together
Nope. Most of those are terrible as well, as you would know if you had a powerlevel worth mentioning.
Most romance stories are about how the romance starts and they get together, because this is the most exciting part and it makes more sense for the narrative of a story. Though manga are often on-going series, so they have to drag the final kiss out, unlike let's a say a romance movie or novel that has a clear end.
>the most exciting part
>one faggot being oblivious about everything for 90% of the story

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plastic nee san.jpg
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ITT; Crimes against humanity.

>Plastic Nee-san was as short as it was.
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>KyoAni didn't make every anime ever made
>Teekyuu isn't full length episodes at the same pace as shorts
what a shame
Darker than Black season 2

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Big or small,justice or dream filled ballons, it's all the same.Why can't we just get along /a/ ?
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It's a small difference really.
But it's good nevertheless.
At the end of the day we are all the same.

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Hypercrisis isn't re...
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>muh neko
Who gives a shit? Kyousuke and Kirino cameo when?
Never. Kirino a shit

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BHC (Big Hanma Cock).jpg
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Was it rape?
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that shitty artwork raped my eyes so yes

>shitty artwork

That's not even bad. And way above average for Baki

>No egregious bad anatomy other than slightly weird leg placement of the standing leg on Hillary
>Not any made up muscles other than on Yujiro's face/jaw
>Very good likeness to real life Hillary
holy shit ! that ugly anatomy

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Could be based on design or abilities or whatever. Mine is white album, i love that fight
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GEB's a favorite of mine, water-based abilities are the best
Gebs cool
I think Echoes is pretty cool too
I wish Act 3 had more than just the one trick though

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Fake news. That's obviously not the front page.
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chaika faces.webm
2MB, 1280x720px

File: kawaiiAF.gif (424KB, 480x270px)Image search: [Google]
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(It's Ami)
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>Slut body
File: 1469932451248.jpg (137KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Would fuck Taiga and Ryuji's mom.

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How does one fuck something up this hard? Did the people making it play the game and hate is or something so they did whatever they could to make the anime as unappealing as possible? You would think having it based off the hot new IP would mean they would at least try to make it good.
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File: 8813074.gif (45KB, 170x170px)Image search: [Google]
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Probably had no idea what tone to go with
File: 1494112558297.jpg (667KB, 2445x1392px)Image search: [Google]
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Then just choose one and fucking stick with it, jesus christ don't these people do this shit for a living?
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Quick /a/ which one of these boat sluts is the most depressing? Nothing turns me on more than a girl with a dark and brooding past

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What happened?
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A full body experience.
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>My name is Yoshino Koharu and you're watching Jackass
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delicious local cuisine.jpg
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Girls can't love girls when they're related!
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good point
y not
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Which anime girl has the most pattable head in the universe?
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Good post lad.
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Just Evangelion. That's literally all there is to this.
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Evangelion is the hardest I ever got trolled.
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I forgot I saved this a long-ass time ago.

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