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What is the best way to bully a JC?
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With love and affection
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light bdsm with hugging, cuddling and compliments

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Just finished Kemono no Souja Erin, and I thought it would be a lot more depressing because of how much you guys went on about it. It certainly has its moments, but it certainly could have hit harder.
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Also, what the fuck were they thinking letting Nokku and Mokku keep showing up? Those two retards damn near ruined the entire anime.
I was happy when Erin was getting forced to go to the Capital because I figured that those two surely wouldn't be able to stick around, but sure as fuck, there they are a few episodes later.
And I felt like I could never take the Ojou designs seriously. They just didn't look proportioned right, and were basically giant pigeons. How majestic and awe inspiring. Pigeons with wolf heads.
An overrated series 4~5/10

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Promising anime that shit the bed halfway through or towards the end.
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Halfway? That garbage shit the bed by episode three.

At least Mayoiga was self-aware and had fun with it.
the best part about kiznaiver was watching the opening 12 times
I'm still not even sure if Mayoiga was supposed to be bad, or if that's just what people who like it say. If that's the case though, I'd say it was bad on the fact it got its intention across so poorly that the vast majority of the audience disliked it believing it was serious.

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What kind of guy must I become in order for Iori-chan to fall in love with me?

Please refrain from using the inappropriate 'A' word in this thread.
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You need to be a very good butt plug.
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Imagine being Iori and never being able to have anything but anal sex? Every single time you went to bed with some stud they'd instantly pounce on your little anus licking and prodding it before lubing up and jamming it into your starfish. You'd constantly try to egg them into giving your snatch a try to no avail; every man's heard of your legendary butthole and wants a piece of it, for all they care you might as well have a fat cock resting under it and it wouldn't amount to a hill of beans to these anal-obsessed wierdos. Eventually your ass would begin to loosen from being rammed so hard so many times by thick cocks that you'd barely even have to push to release stool, and one day you realize to your horror that you've pinched a loaf right in public without even realizing it. You'd have to resort to wearing a buttplug everywhere you went just to keep errant turds from flying out your loose sphincter. People would start to notice how you walk funny, and seem to prefer one leg. Rumours start to spread about how your ass has been so worn out your whole rectum has prolapsed and droops down to your knees and you need an attendant to shove it all back in again before a performance. People say that you needed to be admitted to the hospital once after your rectal entrails can out in the middle of the night and almost strangled you in your sleep. People are beginning to interpret all the lyrics of your songs as metaphors for your anus-related grievances. People are counting down the days until you come of age and drop out of the idol scene to become a JAV star that specializes in rosebud scenes where horny fans of yours line up to take a nice whiff of precious Iori's inside-out baked Alaska.

Imagine being Iori.
The kind of guy who likes doing it in the butt.

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Big breast = Fortune
Flat Chest = misfortune
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This is objectively wrong though. A flat chest is perfection.
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>Flatter than literal children
>Brother dies
>Parents hate you
>Have chronic throat disease so you can't live out your dream
seems legit
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>Flatter than literal children
You're acting like that's a bad thing. The only two bumps that should exist on a girl's chest should be the nipples themselves. Nothing more.

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How high (or low) is FMA ranked on 4chan? I just rewatched it some weeks ago, truly hated the few holes it had.
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We don't have a ranking system. Try MAL.
It's not ranked high here.
Read the manga.

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Honestly memes aside, i don't see what people hate about this series. I'm at the part where they are headed for the wave country, and it doesn't seem too bad. I know the filler is hell apparently. But for manga at least it seems that you don't go in looking for anything else besides a dbz clone its not bad.
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>I'm like two volumes in, why does everyone hate this 70-volume series?
1/8, made me reply.
I know all the shit that makes people salty so far for the series. Like usual though people blow things out of proportion.
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Exactly what I was thinking. OP is a goddamn retard, even by /a/ standards.

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>Little Witch Academia episode 22 pre-screening to start in ~5 hours
>/a/ fails at not believing any spoiler unless the poster can include a key animation sheet or some other evidence for the n-th
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I want to date little chariot.
My dad works for trigger, he said chariot and croix have lesbian sex next ep
I want to date little Croix and convince her not to throw away friendship and joy in favor of blowing up magic out of spite.

Your dad's a cool guy, telling such a beautiful lie.

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ITT we post the best animu/mango dogs. Starting with the best of them all.
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I'm sorry
that little shit helped set up one of my favorite endings ever. He was Godai's ascended wingman
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Everything you like is trash
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I like you, OP.
That's off, because I don't like Maid Dragon.
I want to scissor with Tohru.

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Characters who died like a bitch
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Pitou did nothing wrong, Gon should have died like a bitch
>muh wish asspull
Togashi is a hack
Pitou means dick in spanish, conclusion Pitou was a dude.

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So are the Japanese people just uncreative by nature? Or maybe the imagination is just disciplined out of them when they are children? Or is it just that they lack the critical eye to recognize creative brilliance, and it never rises to the top? Why is anime so simplistic and samey, and why do uninspired show keep getting so much attention?
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>Why is anime so simplistic and samey
Because ultimately its a fucking business. You can't make anime if you don't have money, and sponsors demand you to fucking make a profit if you want an anime. They became more cautious and are more likely to make anime that are more generic(or adaptations that can just grab the fanbase of the original work) because its easier to get sales for them than an original anime.

>why do uninspired show keep getting so much attention?
Because advertising, lots of advertising.
There are shows that don't get a lot of advertising and some of them are good. You just have to see beyond the advertised shows.
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>tfw we will never have another OVA boom of the 1980's.
Because Japan can't into literature
Take a gander at the collection of books or series from other countries. Be it fantasy, non-fic, historical, it will be superior to whatever book you'll find written by a Nip. (no "light novels" are not included, i mean actual Japanese novels)

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Girl is rich.

He should just forget about his imouto.

>INB4 hur durr manga fox.
fuck you.
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>Eromanga Sensei thread
>Mangafox bait in the OP which the OP decides to specifically call attention to as if it would escape the notice of the majority of the userbase
hur durr manga fox
>manga fox

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Dios mio! What happened to Chitanda!
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Delete this
10/10 would impregnate her again
Brings back memories.

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What do you want to see in the new Chuu2 movie?
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More Kumin.
shinka and bullying
Best girl returning to win the whole thing once and for all.

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