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Nobody move or the loli dies!
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No worry. I'll fuck her after she's dead.
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Dance thread?

I gave this a try and the series is worthless. Can't understand how you can be brainwashed enough to even enjoy this garbage after Naruto ended in mediocrity.
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Are you sure you didn't go in already hating it? Most people blindly hate it before they even start it because it's Naruto#2

Personally i like it much better than Naruto, The story is clear and not a complete mess like the original story. It's quick to get into the fun episodes unlike something like Bleach where you gotta watch 35 episodes before it gets interesting.

I'm disappointed they dropped the first Manga story though. Sarada lusting after Naruto and being Hokage and Boruto wanting to be more like a solo black ops Sasuke type ninja protecting the village from the shadows was far more interesting than the current Boruto only story but i still like it.
oh well. its not for everyone.
>character designs are shit
>filler level writing
>choo choo chocolate train next stop coontown
>naruto is a salaryman that makes everyone depressed
>a fat thighed watered down uchiha will never step on my dick
Fuck this.

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How is it possible for one girl to be so perfect?
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obligatory 'I usually like petite lolis but Kobeni got me onto the THICC TRAIN' post
The perfect amount of thick.
big breasts, cute hair, good girl. that's what it is.

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Best Gundam activation sequence ever.
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Negroids, all of you.
good taste anon
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The first time I've ever been told that

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the official Frid/a/y night Osu! thread. Come join us as we touch circles, call each others waifu and favorite anime shit, or just make new friends.

All /a/ lobbies will have the password "rage" and can be found by simply typing "/a/" in the multiplayer search bar. Please make sure to choose songs accordingly to the lobby's prescribed difficulty.
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Fuck timezones its too late for me
It's not night yet dickhead.
it is here

>my eyes are up here, anon
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Yes, but I'm looking at your tits.
I have made my choice.
I came here to post this.

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Is- is she really gonna lose?

Say it ain't so
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Eve levelled up
So yes
As long as reverse trap also loses I´m fine with it.
Yes. She already has that dude who imagines her in super lewd and perverted stuff.

>Has been running longer than Naruto
>1 year still hasn't passed on the island
S2 never
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Machi will forever be best girl
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AOTS every S.png
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Do they ever get off the island stopped reading it

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this is fucked up
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nagoka sister.jpg
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He ends up with best girl in the end and they get married ten years later
I'm glad broccoli-bro got with such a great girl, they really deserve each other.
MC really needed to mature hard before deserving any happiness.

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So exactly how hard did KyoAni step in it by not making them gay?
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The whole point is blueballing your audience by making it suggestive yet ambiguous.
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But Kumiko was gay.
Very hard.

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>tfw no Milfy Jotaro to ara ara me to death
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ara ara daze~
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Should i read Dessert Punk?
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fuck me
I put it off for a long time because I had a pretty wrong idea about what it was like. It blew me away, it's really really good.

Definitely read it.
It's very good, just very long and slow paced. You're not going to like the characters but you're not supposed to either.

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What does /a/ think of ef a tale of memories/melodies?
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Shaft's last good show.
Telephone call.
Memories was damn good. Still haven't gotten around to watching Melodies though. People keep saying it's bad, so I haven't gotten the motivation to start it.

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What a ride, baby!
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I miss you dandy, no homo baby
How can we make this board more dandy?
We need S3 of Space Dandy for that to happen

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what were your favorite hifumi moments in season one?
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The moments when she wasn't there.
Holy shit, dude. Why the hate?
Just a spupid redditor posting reddit shit.

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