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"Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
To sit right there
I'll tell you how I became the little girl with a frown"

btw. Was she right not believing in god considering that "he" fucked "her" over personally?
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0/10 effort right there I'm not even going to bump this thread
She believes in him, she just won't worship him. It's like if Zeus came down from Olympus and raped my waifu in the form of a liger or something. Sure maybe I realize he exists, but that doesn't mean I have to worship him and I sure as hell would try to get my revenge.
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>god exists

Fucking stupid.

>god exists

Much more fucking sensible. Too bad fucking no one in anime follows this correctly. As if stopping to believe in something means it's gonna go the fuck away.

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Is this the best Harem series ever?

>college environment
>big bitches
>MC is based and knows what he wants and likes (big tits and pussy)
>most of the girls like to fuck him but don't go beyond that, so no dumb drama
>the two girls that like him beyond that are pretty great
>cast is entirely likeable
>every now and then there's some volleyball
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The issue is they don't think of the mc as an equal. They always treat him as something lower, from what I read.

It's weird it never really breaks out into femdom but gets close.

Additionally I don't like short mcs. Absurdly tall girls and absurdly short guys is a pretty miserable situation
eh, only the lewd beast does that, most everyone else respects him. especially the manager
This really should've just been a straight hentai series, because story-wise there's not a lot going on.

It gets really close to that but not quite. I don't see the point of just skirting around.

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I'm on episode 3, and spoilers say she turns MC down whenever he confesses to her. Convince me not to drop this right god damn now. People who lead others on are the scum of the earth.
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She rejects the MCs proposal to be his girlfriend because it is a step down from being his wife.
She can't separate the game and reality so since they got married in game he genuinely thinks they are married in real life.
Also it is a shit anime. Don't watch it.
But Ako is so incredibly hot.

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There's already a new thread
Dokkan Battle is shit
Quit it a month ago and don't regret it one bit

>new chapter of Overlord
>trash-tier scans
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just like the good old days
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Preparing to shitpost.webm
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I'm sad as well about the scans quality, at least we got the chapter.
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Why is Cocytus god blade so different from the LN to the manga ?

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>Name one anime better than Cowboy Bebop
Pro tip: you cant
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You need to lurk more before attempting to greentext

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You ever feel like there's just too many Sabers?
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And it's everyone's fault for having shit taste
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lets ask takeuchi
No such thing.

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Who's your favourite loli from anime and manga?
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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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One day...png
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but you didn't post yesterday!
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

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>this is how they're advertising the new season of fireball
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They know what sells, I guess.
I guess they know their audience.
Do you think we'll finally see drossel cunny this season?

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What will be the plot of the inevitable Pepe anime?
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Today I will remind them.
frog masterrace reporting in
An average Japanese high school boy is late for school when he runs into Pepe, a bizarre frog-like creature who spouts dank memes and fascist ideals. He follows the MC to school, where it turns out he's the new transfer student! MC can hardly stand this frog's antics but in the last episode, when Pepe might leave forever, he realizes his life is more interesting with Pepe around and accepts him for who he is.

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New thread.

Talk about her Quests.
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her quests look really nice
It's 24 episodes, right?
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semen demon.jpg
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Why aren't those guys in the background paying attention to Ebina? They should be giving her a bouquet of flowers or something. The most beautiful girl in the world is a few feet away from them, for goodness sake!
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Ebina has the dumbest fucking character design
She's too thicc and brappy for the japanese, ebina is only there to appeal to western (black men) appetites

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I hurt myself to feel edition.

I just completed the series and the only thing I have to say is...

Man, what a ride. This thing was depressing as hell, but I dont regret it.

I will check the old series and the movie. What am I in for?
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Astroboy. Its completely different.
I see.
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Episodic episodes were the best, Sophita best girl
Ringo was a fucking mistake

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Chapter 112
Let's see if this thread will survive until full dump.
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