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It's pretty big in the west as well.
Cuz it sux
Because it bastardizes historic/legendary figures, and reduces them to nothing but waifubait

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Why is the main character drawn so fucking shitty compared to the environment in the manga? It kinda ruins the experience for me
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It's nihei's first major work. He was an architecture student.
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Nhei improved a lot during the process of making Blame!

Even Volume 2 is a lot better already.
I like his vol. 1 baggy clothes more than his later jumpsuits

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Is it okay to put your dick in crazy if you're desperate for company?
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It's not okay to like this show or anything in this show
Just let his broken useless genes perish as Darwin intended FFS.
>as Darwin intended
What did he mean by this? You know, Darwin didn't design evolution right?

Just started this. When does the show actually get a sense of direction for it's plot? So far it's been a CW villain of the week fanfare
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Read the Manga, specifically the kyoto arc
>people complaining about villain of the week

There's less of these shows now, esp. in manga, not to mention it's comfy when done pretty well. Most of the character build-up in RK is actually pre-Kyoto.

Enjoy it while it lasts.
just don't watch past Kyoto

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Would you take her hand?
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only if I can put it on my dick.
I would impregnate her.
>Taking the hand of a weak willed shit

No thanks.

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Why aren't you holding her /a/?
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I don't have a scat fetish.
i'm not into scat.
i dont like trash

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Does JoJo's Bizarre Adventure get better than Phantom Blood, or is Phantom Blood (epi 1-9) essential watching?
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- JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken - Manly 10/10
- Stardust Crusaders 5/10 nah
- Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season 6/10 decent
- Diamond wa Kudakenai 2/10 Started good ended gay as fuck
I mean, you can skip Phantom Blood if you want, but I mean, even though it's not the best part, you should still watch it.

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ITT shows that were decent in the first three episodes but went to shit.
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Every 2-cour anime
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If you couldn't at least appreciate how stupid Mira Nikki became your a sad cunt.
You only watch it for Yuno anyway.
- Charlotte
- Durara
- Re:zero
- sao
- 91 days

Is Araragi a lolicon?
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No. All of the "lolis" he has ever interacted with are older than him, the girl he stalks has big fat cat tats, and his girlfriend is the same age as him.
Loli is a body type.
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>lolicon is all about age
Does this look like a 498 year old to you?

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Why are these three the least popular μ's?
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Why is any of that Love Live garbage popular?
They're not even real idols.
Love Live is shit
In Honoka and Hanayo's case, it's because they just aren't as interesting compared to the rest of the girls.

Eli? Well anyone who has been around these threads would probably know by now

Who's your favorite digimon, /a/?
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Well that's a coincidence you already posted them!
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the next episode is going to be 20 minutes of conversation/flashbacks as the scouts ride up to the forest with the final shot being Mikasa finally spotting Eren and yelling...
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Both seasons of SnK have some of the worst pacing I've ever seen.
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If you hear it: you lose. I'm a loser.
3 weeks of talking? Do they want to overtake Re:creators?

Name one (1) character more based than Yamazaki, i'll wait. This nigga is woke af.
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Completely agree. Too bad after he said that he went after that roastie.
>nigga is woke af.
Kill yourself.
>got into arranged marriage in the end
he will most likely get cucked on by his wife in the next years or so

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Which team would win in a fight?
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Red team would easily win
Thats some Gaia tier shit.
I go with team red but the gurren lagann does a lot

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What is the best anime that Hiroyuki Sawano composed for and why is it Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress?


the anime is a fucking trainwreck when Biba comes in, but at least the soundtrack is at least Hiroyuki Sawano delivering his masterclass
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This was a really fucking great action show, tons of sakuga and good choreography is all i ask for.
Through My Blood was a great insert song.

I fucking hate Sawano. All of his shit sounds the same.

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