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>Rei > Asuka
>Saber > Rin
>Yen > Triss
Why is White-chan always better than Red-chan?
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Because you're wrong and you should feel bad.

Asuka is best girl
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>>Yen > Triss
Because you have good taste.

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pic unrelated
Are they holding invisible cocks?
Battle Tendency comes to mind


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Daiya no Ace 2nd Act II Chapter 80
>SOL again
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Sorry late. Panic attacks for days. Dumping.
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A slight change in the artwork?
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>Our vice-captain can't be this cute.

>kill your entire family for the sake of some dictatorial city-state that isn't even a hundred years old.
Itachi should've been aborted. Griffith at least gained godhood by betraying the people closest to him, the only thing Itachi gained was the satisfaction of being a tool for the Gestapo.
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To his credit the guy did help prevent a world war. If the Uchiha coup had happened, the resulting civil war would've weakened the village and allowed other villages to possibly invade. This could lead to a world war where millions would die. By removing the clan from the equation, that world war didn't happen.
No other village but the cloud and that with the 8 tails and the raikage working together could have put a dent on konoha's not to mention that other villages would have joined Konoha's side just to fuck with their enemies.
Imagine how much misery having 2 different groups of people or tribes in same area has caused in Africa and america.
Homogeneous societies are more happier, thus itachi and the konohoa elders were completely right.

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Why is this anime adaptation so shit? I havent been this pissed off since Oriemo
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>anime char designs by Moeblob McGee
hmm if only there was some kind of giant pandering adaptation flag that is 'just a little bit liberal' with the source material
An episode director's simple fuck up that was later corrected by an OVA
The first 8 episodes were great, the adaptation isn't complete shit, it just the original part that is trash.

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what would you say to embarrass your waifu in public?
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I'm too old for this
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I would mock the fact that she can't fill her bunny outfit.

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ITT: Anime quotes to live by
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-Naruto Uzumaki
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That's not funny.

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muh dick
doujin when
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>the shadow's next victim is Hanabi
>it turns her lewd
>Bort shows up to spar again
>she beats him to submission then rapes him


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>You wake up and it's 1999

Do you give up watching anime until the internet re-matures?
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Nigga I start convincing my parents to invest in shit. Then I get a part of that and start investing too.

1999 is prime time for Sony value, grabbing Nintendo low, grabbing Apple low, getting Google right before it turns gold, grabbing Amazon, ebay, paypal, etc.

Become a fucking billionare and then I can fund anime n shit
Nah, I stick to manga like Battle Angel Alita, Kenshin and Dragonball for now and record animus off German cable TV once in a blue moon.

Come to think I might still have tapes of stuff like MD Geist, the Tekken Movie, Blue Submarine 6, Bubblegum Crisis and various hentai somewhere.
I would come to /a/ to be here for all the things I wish I could've been here for. Haruhi in particular.

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Dumping ch68 raws
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Why arent you talking about this?

>PS4 Exclusive

3rd nuke when?
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/a/ can't afford video games
> be a weeb
> want to play weeb game
> doesn't own a ps4

Hopefully diana will be playable.

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Which Lagoon would you Black?
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Can't get enough of her.
Her autistic nature reminds me of my girlfriend too.
>chooses the one poo in loo character
>my girlfriend
fuck off normalshit
The Yakuza Princess' friend. She was a qt. Close second would be Sawyer.

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Is this in danger of becoming a good show?

I'm certainly enjoying it more than Berserk. Taking a 3 episode break helped too.
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Last few episodes were great. I pity fags who dropped this because muh furry.
it's good.
But muh furry boogeyman fags keep making shit up to drop this.
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I get the durrfurshit thing, but it seems to be developing into more a Beauty/Beast and Buddy Outlaw Adventure plot.

Pierrot anime designs. Also, seems like autumn confirmed
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Honestly not that bad. Juno needs a scarf though.
Director: Tatsuya Yoshihara
Series Composition: Kazuyuki Fudeyasu
Character Designer: Itsuko Takeda
Sub Character Designer: Kumiko Tokunaga
Music: Minako Seki
Animation Production: Studio Pierrot
>Director: Tatsuya Yoshihara
Dead on arrival

Was Kirara Jewish?
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As if, these scrawny kikes have a remarkably weak grip (unless she means mental/psychical grip in which case yeah she'd overpower any of us)
Yes she was, that's why she was autistic.

How do you think she knows written japanese?
>these scrawny kikes have a remarkably weak grip
Copper wire was invented by two jews fighting over a penny

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