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Is Fune wo Amu a masterpiece?
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Why are you making the exact same thread?


Actually bring something to the discussion. Ask a question, give an opinion. Be a person, OP.

now fuck off, i don't want it exposed to moe-shit memelords of /a/, it's too pure for this board
I see you stopped using desuarchive.

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Kuroneko doin' in Eromanga Sensei?
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Same universe. Kirino and Kyousuke will have a cameo in like 3 weeks.
Being best girl.
Ah, this, tho I'd fuck Sagiri about 7 times harder

Huh, I didn't know that. It makes sense, they both coming from Tsukasa

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The teachers were the dumbasses here.
Not telling her when to sing.
Making her real aloud, I mean come the fuck on.

Not even having special classes for disabled kids.

Fucking Japan.
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Disabled kids deserve bullying.

That's how nature works.
also this was a bit of an overkill reaction don't you think?

she took a chunk out of her ear
Pretty much all of Asia is like that, exceptions are an annoyance and nobody cares about them.
I had a girl in my class who i am pretty sure had some kind of social disorder (undiagnosed ofc because social taboo). She spend her 18 years of school all alone because nobody talked to her.

My cousin is severely autistic but his parents refuse to get him diagnosed, they just hit him until he behaves as he's told. Its pretty sad desu

I've been thinking of getting into Jojo, because all my friends say it's great. But there's so damn much of it. Are there any parts I can skip? It can't all be relevant, right?
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Just watch the anime. Part 5 + 6 are lower in quality than any other part.
Skip part 1
>Are there any parts I can skip?
all of them.

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The ride's over.

Time to go home.
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good riddance
I want Nakano-san to read my mind while I fantasise about fucking Mana.
I hope shimizu hook ups with mana.

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Make and/or request some art
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Previous thread >>157858872
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Requesting Maika showing off her lewd butt wearing a sexy French maid version of her maid uniform. She is seen from behind bending down and looking at the audience with a smug look on her face, her short French maid skirt revealing her cute butt and black panties.
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Anchor post for the anon who was drawing Char

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I love you /a/nons. Hope you are having a great day!
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I'm not.
I am not but thanks anyway. Have a good day.
i want to die

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New Manga from Hara Yui (Kiniro Mosaic)
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What? No, it isn't.

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can confirm
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ps: ignore the comma please
Regardless whoever you consider to be best girl, can we at least agree that Aqua would be the best for Kazuma? They're both horrible people but somehow manage to keep each other in check. It's like watching a really horrid married couple, but they suit each other so well.

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I'm 1 and a half episodes in, will this stop being so pretentious and forced deep? I barely feel like finishing the second episode.
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>forced deep
What does this mean?
Poor man's Jojo Part 5
Shit is straightforward, how was it pretentious?

Okay, sorry for going off-topic, but does anyone have the Alter Ego BB font? it's the one used by most doujin/scanlations projects, and after a whole day of searching the net for a free resource, I REFUSE to believe that no one has shared it publicly.
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Since we're talking about blambot do you have anti hero bb?
Does it have to be that specific font? Otherwise, you can find lots of similar comic fonts by googling "scanlation fonts"
I do, I got it for free pretty damn easy. Go find it yourself

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More like /fa/ Girls.
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don't we have a fag thread up already?
More like fags irl.
I didn't see one.

>Ping Pong

Are there any others that should belong here?
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Kemono Friends.
What are you even talking about?
Little Busters

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How can anyone like this cunt?

>hurr durr I'm Vegeta but always angry
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>watching boku no hero

I've only read a few volumes of the manga, but he seems like a villain in the making. Not a likeable character at all unless he changes later on.
Tsundere as fuck

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Chapter 65
Korean scan:

Back to ecchi shenanigans
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This manga literally doesn't need a male lead : the chapter.
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