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Why are ponytails so annoyingly hot?
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So you can pull them while having sex roughly.
You're so rude, Senpai
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ponytails are for pulling

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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blue=Storyboard or Episode Director
Why fix it? It's cool

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Literally fuck that entire series.
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This stupid girl

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I pick the chesticles
izzi left
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Is this really a gag manga/anime?
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She's not a slut she's just misunderstood.
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Still Worst Girl.
Best girl you mean.

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Whats the best ratio of girl/monster for monstergirls? 70%/30%? 50/50?
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100% monster
100% girl
fuck off bondrewd, dont you have some children to abuse?

i'd say up to 60%, near the tipping point into kemono
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I like em all, but I'd say that it has to be within 20-60% monster. Below 20% you just kind of end up with kemonomimi territory, much past 60% you start ruining into girl monsters. Both are nice but they ain't monstergirls in my opinion.

Also I had no idea this got an animation, is it any good?

I haven't heard anything about it's expected release. I haven't seen an OVA 4 thread in awhile either. Let's discuss what we know about OVA 4 ep 3.

>Found a suspected 9.4gb raw but the past two episode are around 600mb each.
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it's a bit late ojisan
don't strain yourself
The Chinese got their hands on it already.

Full frontal nudity is kept at least. One of the things that was lost when shows get made for TV.
Daily Motion has raws.
It is fascinating that the Masaki clan is still run by women outside the main cast. Reia basically had to attend a women-only meeting to officiate her marriage into the household.

The men of the family, significantly smaller in size, had their own much less formal dinner. It seems someone finally asked Tenchi to get married, to which Tenchi made it clear he is still technically underage. (technically in that their timeline hadn't moved while the audience had gotten far older.)

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AbsoluteDuo op3.webm
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Is 8bit the ultimate harem studio?
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Man AD was so fucking garbage.
Was that a fucking screen tear? Was it supposed to be cool because it just makes it even worse

All harems are garbage. But some are fun garbage.

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Give out your best Louises
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I think it's a louise but certain characteristics don't match.
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Louise is so damn sexy.

>MC is an average high school boy
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Anime preys on viewer self-insertion
> mc is a teenager, comes from martial arts dojo household and can take on MMA champion level enemies

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>the new monster musume chapter has yet to be translated

What the fuck?
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>Expecting anything out of a shit scanlation group
>Trying to make a MM thread without any content

We're fucking working on it. Christ.
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What's the ETA, scumfuck?

What if Acnologia comes out even stronger
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>Acnologia was stuck outside of space and time for 10,000 years
>Spent all of that time working out
>Comes back buff as fuck
>overpowered as hell
>can't regen its arm
he is already so overpowered, zeref was scared shitless of him

there would be no point in making it even further. Also the asspull required to defeat him would be even more absurd

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Also why is her pussy right in the OP
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Because eva is art nigga
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reminder that best girl won
Saabisu saabisu.

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What a shit fucking thread.
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Why does she act like a bitch towards kawaii AnchoR-chan?
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female Inaho (Meteora) from Re:Creators

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