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Konosuba thread

What does Megumin's panties smell like?
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To answer your question, gunpowder and perfume.

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>dis pair
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Double despair, please.
Going all in on hope.

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anyone remember this site? it just had its last update ever
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What site senpai
what site
Thankfully Fapservice exists, which is better.

Is /a/ ready for best girl of summer 2017?
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Astolfo is my wife(male)
I want to blow raspberries on Astolfo's tummy a lot and then travel my lips downward and give raspberries there!
You can't possibly be ready for the trapocalypse.

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I'm three episodes in and I'm not really feeling it. Does it pick up?
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Just drop what you dont like, easy.
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Nah, I think it's pretty consistent in terms of what it does and pacing with EP3 after that point. I don't think you'd change your mind watching it more.
Drop it. It doesn't change. I dropped it after Episode 1.

>throw an MC to a random world
>the only motivation you can give is to get some chicks pussy
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Isn't thay what all men want?
Empires have been built and men killed to get some chicks pussy anon.
Isn't that what all men want?

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So real talk.

Does this means the giants of Elbaf basically ain't shit?

I mean, all through out the series despite watching individual giants get their shit wrecked by opponents a fraction of their size, the claim that Elbaf had the strongest army in the world still made sense. Giants are inherently much stronger than a base human or even a fishman, so even if the top tier in One Piece can pretty casually handle a giant one-on-one, the understanding was that as a collective an army of giants would be a major force to be reckoned with.

But Linlin decimated their whole village as a 5 year old. How is anyone supposed to care about Elbaf's supposed military might anymore?
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not necessarily.
the giants had a ton of handicaps.
they where in the middle of their fast and hadn't eaten in 7 days. their opponent was a 5 year old child who they pitied for being cast out. and even then she only destroyed some buildings and killed one dude because he was too old to recover from injuries.
Well she too hadn't eaten in 7 days and I see a whole lot more than one body in that pic.
Loki made tem the strongest nation

or Loki is a Usopp-tier Liar

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previous threads

So I gonna try to translate and edit directly to see the amount of work. Not promising that i'll do every chapters like this.


> I'm translating from the FRENCH version, I don't know how to speak moonrune.

>The FRENCH translation is very edgy, the characters don't speak like how they should at their age etc so I'll try to correct that

>I currently only have the THAI translation in good quality, so it's that version that I gonna edit
for the time being.

>Last but not least: it's my first translation, I'm not a fluent english speaker (or writer), but I gonna gambatte. If you see typo, bad phrasing etc don't hesitate to tell me.

>I plan to do 1 chapter / day, the manga is COMPLETED with 44 chapters.

So let us begin with chapter 4, the 3 firsts are already translated by another team.
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Also I use Paint.net with WhizBang font.
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>絶望の犯島-100人のブリーフ男vs1人の改造ギャル rar

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I just don't get it.
What's to get? Umaru is on the front page; all is right in the world
>front page
What? It's a catalog, everything is on the front page.

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You wouldn't breed with this.
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You wouldn't breed with this.
You're right.
Cows are disgusting.
That's where you're wrong kiddo

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I'm a little late to the party because I just saw this movie but at least I went to the movie theatre to support the artists, did you?
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I want to fuck Mitsuha so hard.
Yeah I saw it in the cinema 5 times.
tbqh I kinda want to see it again. know of any animes that raise the same emotions as well? I know you can't match comixwave animation quality in a tv show but still

>[HorribleSubs] Nobunaga no Shinobi - 35 [720p].mkv
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I have the feeling that in the end she will die.
Nah, unless the manga too is finished and we gonna get a full adaptation.
Nice episode too though overpowered fuck as usual.

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What the hell? Why is the fourth movie is actually really good?
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It has some decent scenes but overall not so good. 1st movie is the best and ironically it's the one with no Aigis pandering.
Unfrotunatelly, Aigis pandering is canon, game drops Yukari like a hot potato after Summer.

Even then fourth movie delivered on something that all three movies lacked which is Elizabeth pandering.

First Persona 3 movie is good, but fourth one is like really good, it changes so much yet stays true to the game.
Aigis and Elizabeth are canon girls and that's been known since forever.

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ITT: Overrated shit.
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Madoka and Code Geass.

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Opinion on Double Peace?
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Lacks ahegao or blowjob face.
Super lewd.

I cum whenever I see a girl doing that.

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