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Show 3x3s of your worst anime
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What a quaint request. Do you realize that you're nothing more than a prisoner in the Cave? That you mistake the shadows dancing on the wall for the truth? The pettiness of your "subjective opinions" about the quality of anime galls me to my core, for I have transcended "subjectivity" and "objectivity", and even "real numbers". I descend unto your plane as a sphere unto Flatland, privy to a secret revelation you can only begin to intuit by gazing upon my extraordinary splendor. I am become Abraxas, who begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act.

Wherefore is Abraxas terrible. Behold, the 3i x 3i.
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all anime is garbage

3/3 bad taste for you
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How about a normal 3/3 instead
also 1/2

You enter your room and see this. What would you do, anon?
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Gently tuck her in and kiss her forehead
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She's bigger than senpai? (This is important.)
Probably make another template thread because I'm that creative.

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Just finished Occultic;Nine, what did you guys think of it while it was airing?
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>putting Ai-chan to shame
God damn.
I dropped it after 3 episodes.
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>dropped Bleach during the middle of the Hueco Mundo Arc
>dropped Naruto sometime after the Ninja Exams
>dropped One Piece sometime during the Fishman Island arc
>about to drop Hero Academy
Why does this always happen to good shonen...?
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>good shonen
Maybe you don't like Shounen?
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Don't blame shounen for your autism level attention span. You're the common denominator.

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Rebuild 3.0 + 1.0 when?
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No longer a weeb so idgaf
Hopefully never after what 3.0 was.

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Are you ready for the age of manlets?
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Manlets are so cute.
Is 5'9 manlet? asking for a friend I have no friend.
I am 5'6 and I am still taller than most girls.

You are alright.

What's the deal with her?
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I'd have a one night stand with her and not be some emotional bitch boy like someone.
She literally did nothing wrong.
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If Shinomiya household has so much influence, and Kaguya wasn't lovestruck back then, how the hell did Shirogane win the election? I feel like it must have been much harder to win against her than against these two goons, so why is he still not stomping them?
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She fell in love with him during that and decided against being a shithead?
Where's the thread in the archives?
Those horror panels were great as usual.

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When do you think the inevitable Hoshizora no Memoria anime is going to air? My guess: it will be a two-cour anime, Fall 2018 and Winter 2019.
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Mare best girl
What makes you think it's inevitable?
It's one of the most best-selling VNs in Japan's history, I'm sure an anime will come of it one day!

>eats a fucking lemon like an apple as a snack
Jesus is she laughably edgy. Still love her though.
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>eating a lemon is edgy
Have you ever done that before? Lemons are too sour when they're eaten whole.
are you telling me you don't put ghost peppers in your captain crunch

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Why is Dragon Ball so popular in Mexico and Latin America?
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It's an intellectual anime by their standards.
Because of wrastlin'
They know no better.

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Describe this girl in two words, /a/.

No pervs edition.
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would bang
Forced meme.
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Could someone translate this for me?
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The Heart.

The pleasure of being cummed inside.
This time, someone or something caught up to someone or something else. That's the best you can get without giving context.

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>first girl to motivate Kenji again into taking over the school (and stop wasting time doing shit in the fake game club)
>Only girl who wants to get to know Noe, and not just use her as a source of info about her brother
>Borrowed Kenji's middle school yearbook from Noe long before the other girls wanted to see it to try to recognize him
>Only girl to recognize Kenji's face and not just his hair
>Only other girl besides Noe who knows there's more to Kenji than just his hair
>Legs for days

Deserves to be #1 in the Kazamab owl
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No matter how much he protests a harem end will be forced on Kazama.
Ice > Water, wincest is the way it should end for Mom's sake.

I wish nips would make more gag harem like this that doesn't take itself seriously.
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Still not Roka.

What would have been the alternative to Rudolf exactly, letting society fall back to the stone age?
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>Expecting #NeverGoldenbaumers being capable of logic
Someone authoritarian like Rudolf was needed but the whole inferior genes thing just came as a shitty side-dish.

Buddy this is the whole point that the anime makes

There is no one right or wrong ideology capable of being "the right one" for humanity on a whole. Different styles of government were required for different periods of time due to different circumstances in each one. Over the course of LOGH the Empire becomes far more democratic and meritocracy in order to combat the decadent parts of the nobility and idea of birth rate while in the Free Planets Alliance it ends up relying on populism formed around one man and then worshipping his successor to take up the mantle of democracy and defend the ideology.

If you're vaccinated enough to not actually realize this very -unsubtle- core point of the entirety of LOGH then maybe you should go count your chromosomes again.

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