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With the popularity of Gal Gohan, I'm surprised no one has being bringing this up its basically the same but with the roles reversed.
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Because young girls are the best and old women are icky.
I just found this series not 3 hours ago browsing mangaupdates on a whim, MC is yet another dense fuck but sensei is god tier
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The whole point is that he is dense though.

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It's that time of year, /a/.
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It's that time
What time? Summer? Like SUMMER wars?

So, what is the consensus on where to upload scanlations and or rips for series that are in need of completed chapters?

I can't tell what isn't cancer anymore. Been gone too long.

Obviously upload torrents to nyaa.pantsu, but what about online reading sites?

Have some chapters to dump.
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la bump for the sake of the moon runeless
Well it's still on batoto and if it doesn't like the content (like Chichi Chichi), people use pantsu.nyaa.
Also, people who do the Yuragi scans just drop a zip link at the end of the thread before batoto.
Thanks. Hm, that's a shame batoto is still the common one... their content rampages leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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This is Emiya Miyu, and her onii-chan, Emiya Shirou.
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Why Shirou's crotch glowing?
Bone of sword.
New chapter when?

What went wrong?
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they're based on girls this age right now , and right now they all dress like sluts
daddy was never home for her , now she's an underage hooker with her black hooker friend

fucking hell this franchise is such a trainwreck

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What is the objective of this? Is basically Saint girls lusting over the Gold Saints and being saved by them.

Lacks Ecchi or even Yuri-bait.
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>What is the objective of this? Is basically Saint girls lusting over the Gold Saints and being saved by them.
Seriously? It's been fucking years since the last decent girls fightan series, why would you waste an opportunity like this?
It's basically Saint Seiya Otome Self Insert Edition. It's trash.
>Athena's secret bodyguards
>Never prevent Athena to be kidnapped
>The bronze saints always save Athena
The saintias were a mistake

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You know, male MC's that are confident, handsome, charismatic and very likable person with the ladies.

Basically, everything that Ikari Shinji and
Onodera PunPun is not.
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this glorious bastard + Kazuma from Kaze No Stigma
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Our lord and savior
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/a/'s favourite MC

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Funniest anime ever?
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4000 years and no planet of the apes
Touché, evolutionists!
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Too little time, you need at least one millon of years for evolution to kick in.
Although i'm very curious to see what happens in the "present" I enjoyed this flashback.

Really glad I gave this a shot, shit's really captivating,
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Beheading Baboon.jpg
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What's his name again?

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no anime news no hype them's the rules

>Chapter 159: Dark
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>Twigs: What the-?
>T: Huh, what? Are they fighting?
>T: Is that a katana!?
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what is the new season even possibly going to be about
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Ruining the whole point of the zero requiem for the sake of $$
>There is peace
>Someone decides to fuck up that peace
>Lelouche returns

also Susaku will be targeted because someone knows what Lelouche really did and is trying to shatter the narrative of peace he "died" for
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He never died you moron

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previous >>157621237

So I gonna have the first tome tomorrow and all the weekend to translate it. Unfortunatly I've tried cleaning and typing and it's too much work for me so I gonna post raw + translation in commentary like Made in Abyss threads. Hope someone is interested to do it someday.

Also I have the scan 1- 44(end) in "good" quality in thai and 1- 21 "bad" quality in japanese so choose your poison.

Posting chapter 2 for the hype. (not translated by me)
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Good morning /a/!
I hope you remember ed that today was rise's birthday!!
[Spoiler]and mine's as well[/spoiler]
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Happy birthday Rise and Anon
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>that skin showing under her tights
I mean a sign of being a best girl
Happy bday
happy birthday to a huge slut and rise too

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how do we help SODA?
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By giving him juice
I dropped this, but I say just go full guilty crown and make that sweet leap from nu-male to hitler
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>150 cm
>46 kg

Imagine how fun it would be to manhandle her tiny body. I'd just walk around the house looking for things to bend her over and fuck her on.
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great blogpost, as expected of an azusashitter.
>used to hate azusa back when k-on was airing
>ended up loving her the most because of her doujins
Her body is so fucking perfect.
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Can't forget her amazingly small mouth.

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