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You know the drill
Hard mode: Take one of the characters from your plot and write down a detailed character arc and other anon's make guesses about your show
I'll start
Primary Characters
Flame(Season 1 -10)- Starts off as a quiet and precocious young child with a reputation of disinterest and distance from others. Senses a great power within him and seeks to bring that power to fruition to achieve his goal. In the first season he is driven primarily by revenge and is as a result quite selfish and can be ruthless although he does avoid killing others. Throughout season 1 he grows to be more confident in his abilities and almost loses sight of his revenge, however the death of a friend at the end of the 1st season renews his desire to reach the depths of his power as well as a newfound helpers spirit. Season 2 Flame is obsessed with finding the right way to enact his revenge, he wants to follow the path that he believes destiny is leading him on, but he doesn’t want to ignore those suffering or to allow anyone else to die. For this reason season 2 Flame is more confident in his powers and takes on a more leadership role in their season 2 journey. However his abilities of observation have not left him during season 2 and he has begun to doubt the legitimacy of his journey up until this point.
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Season 3 sees Flame at his peak confidence so far and has him really grow into his role as a spiritual leader of his fellow dragons. Season 3 Flame could be described as overconfident however, and is less aware of the forces at work in his life so far. For the time being Flame is content to play the role of Hero and the fates reward him by allowing him to finally enact his revenge and get a taste of his true power. Season 4 follows a much more dispassionate and laid back Flame who has grown extremely confident in his fighting prowess and has written himself in the role of savior to a lost land. Season 4 Flame has bought into his own hype and without any other valid competitors for leadership is thrust into a full leadership position. Of course this results in disaster when they are met with the brutality of the burgeoning problems of adulthood such as death, failure and the inescapable feeling that they lost before they even knew the game had started. Flame finds himself at odds with various teammates and ultimately leads a disastrous mission against the Victos Dim, a mission that is only successful because Flame gets a glimpse at his full power due to an unexpected allies death. Season 5 Flame is much more like his season 1 self. Quiet and hesitant to be noticed, a man who prefers the solitude of shadows and his own mind more than the light that comes with any power. Also much like his earlier self he is completely goal oriented and twice as ruthless to the point of being desperate. He succeeds in his goal but is then faced with an entirely different trial where he is forced to atone for the sins he committed on his warpath. Is not shocked by the twist at the end of season 5 but merely exasperated.
This exasperation is in full force throughout most of Season 6 and despite the massive growth in abilities he experienced post season 4 and the amount of new power being thrust upon him currently, Flame resists heavily against returning to his prior mantle as hero and leader, yet is unable to rekindle the passion that only comes when he is focused on his goals. As such Season 6 Flame is incredibly powerful but unconfident about his place in the world and unmotivated to carve out a new one. As such he is at his most reactionary, only truly responding when his allies are in immediate and apparent danger.Season 7 Flame is even more tired then season 6 Flame, being utterly exasperated by the disaster his journey has been met with so far. As such, Flame quits and walks away from the world of the supernatural with his best friend and oldest ally. Of course Season 7 is the apocalypse before the apocalypse so this shit doesn’t work and he has to find another way. For this reason, Season 7 Flame is pretty much just heroin'g for heroes sake and doesn’t even know if he believes a hero can exist anymore. Season 7 seems to appeal heavily to Flame’s new darker way of thinking and at the end of season 7 Flame gives up the “spotlight” and leaves to find a new way of doing things. With little to no presence in season 8 what little is shown of him depicts him as at peace with himself and his duty, as well as a renewed belief in the ideals of justice and heroics. Season 9 and the early parts of season 10 are dedicated in part to discussing Flame’s new hope for the future and his new stance on opposing what fate has lined up for him. He gets a better look at the people who have been pulling the strings all along and resolves to stop being puppeteered. A result of his newfound knowledge is that this Flame is the most sympathetic and the most sorrowful as well as the most resolute and focused.
Okay. I'll throw you a bone, OP.
I'm 99% sure that everything you wrote down could be reduced down to 3-4 seasons, but that said, I haven't a clue as to what your plot is actually about (heroes and revenge?).

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So is Ojamajo Doremi actually a really good show or is someone trying to ruse me into watching little girl cartoons?
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Watch it.
It's actually good.
Try the Naisho OVA for a test drive and see if it gets you into it or not.

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Ishtar is a mistake
She makes me fap too much and my balls hurt.

Missed this week's thread.
Did you enjoy the hot springs episode?
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Ok, I get it, you guys want more Bahamut images.

Jormu is the cutest.
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Which character can Sagiri beat up in a fight?
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Authors write stories that have the elements of a harem romcom. There is a boy (often a dense motherfucker), the "winner" and several other girls. However, the author reveals that the other girls are just bait and there's no competition whatsoever—the winner has been considered from the very beginning and no amount of effort from the other girls will make the MC turn their way.

Well, where's the fun in that? I want to see all the haremettes to be just as threatening as the main girl. Introducing all those girls (who might as well be boys who are just window dressing anyway) just to make them irrelevant to the story is a massive waste.

We need a more romantically competitive cast in romcoms. The age of the undisputed champion must end.
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Well, looks like everyone is willing to be manipulated by the author into following The One True Girl.
In literally every other medium, romcoms are treated like trash
Why does /a/ have such an erection for them in anime
Treated like trash and handled like trash.
Even some authors can't conclude their romcoms right, like Haganai where the story, with all the pussy laid out for Kodaka to ravage, fell back to a friendship end.

I only watch romcoms for the competition. It's exciting to see how much a girl would do to get that neutron star to notice her (as long as it doesn't border on manslaughter). If that competitive spirit is taken out in favor of a more decisive story of one pair's development into a couple while the rest of the girls are just audience, it becomes as uninteresting as watching a speedrun.

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What your absolute favorite Chinese Cartoon?
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Kanokon is actually one of my favourites
Uchuu senkan yaa maaa toooo

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What's she holding /a/?
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The save button
Looks like an ipod
Figet spinner

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It's been over a decade since then, and this is still the best slice of life manga of all time. Why hasn't anybody been able to write anything as comfy, slow-paced, and wholesome as Aria yet?
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I found it pretty boring and dropped it.
You gotta work harder for those (You)s
Yet here it is.
Really though, dropped it. Some chapters were pretty thought provoking and interesting, most others I didn't care for all that much, especially those dealing with mysticism and borderline supernatural and weird stuff. Like the 'cat city' or the island with the japanese religious fox stuff.

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Would you rather have tea with Mami or Mugi?
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Mami but just because Mizuhashi.
Mugi, she has a good head on her shoulders.

Mugi too loose for good use

>400,000 volumes sold
>Volume 3 has sold over 40k

Anime when? Also chapter 24 dump.
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It's friday night and time to untz with onee-shimo-san!

Bring your waifu's and loli's.
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>tfw forgot link
twitch tv/shimotsukei
Oshiete! Shimo nee-sama!
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I loved Sailor Moon as a kid. Should I dive back into the show as an adult?
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I think that's your own decision to make.
It does not hold up in any way whatsoever.

Are the movies any good? Never saw those.

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This is actually kinda fun.
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what, were you expecting something bad?
General speaking a show that gets a sequel ten years after the fact had something going for it.
Popularity != quality.

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So I have a question. Did Rachel win ragna or who?
Also a blazblue thread.
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She won just in time for the traditional japanese post-endboss existence erasure of Ragna.
She "won" but it was Pyrrhic victory at best,
The onsen episode was the only reason to watch this trash of an anime. The games are good though.

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