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Nepgear has fallen in love with you and wants nothing more in this world than to be your girlfriend. Do you accept?

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>Christine Marie Cabanos
Yes please
Nepgear is so boring
Nepgear is a cool girl, but I'd rather have her sister.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
Why do these threads still exist?

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Was Touma the last truly moral MC?
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I miss Touma punching the shit out of men, women, and children alike. All he's been up to lately is suffering and getting exposed as a fraud.
Touma never was moral.
He murders what he believes to be a man in cold blood as early as the second book.
Not really, he himself said that he spews bullshit hoping to get an opening so he can punch the shit out of his opponent.

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Literally every bad thing that happens in the story is caused by the MC being a emo bitch and refusing to do anything to the villain. When he finally does decide to use his powers against the villain all he does is mock the guy and leave him unharmed, which drives the villain even more insane and gets more people hurt.
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Yep. I'm pretty sure someone pointed it out to him in the story too. He egged people on because he got off on his superiority, he wasn't fully the victim.
he turned into a whiny bitch halfway through and his personality was inconsistent as fuck. it was better was an alpha mc curbstomp.


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This anime/movie fucked me up, what now /a/?
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get in the EVA
watch the rebuilds
Watch the sequels

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when did you realized that you're waifu isn't a virgin?
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After I took her virginity.
The part where she owns a brothel kinda gave it away.
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Jokes on you my waifu is canon virgin. 100% Confirmed.

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>Let's kill an established character for pointless shock value!
Togashi? More like Togashit.
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he existed for 0.5% of the show's duration
why do you care

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I want to suck on her tatas while she is stabbbing me with joy and pleasure
shitshow and she didnt had much to show
what are you talking about? she is one of the few things people discuss about that shitty show

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Madoka is a pure and innocent girl.
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Too bad she's got yurisatan lusting over her.
Madoka wants to have her rectum licked.
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Madokami is a just and righteous God

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Now the dust has settled. Did you watch the Anime of the season yet?
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whats with the horse
I don't watch shonenshit

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does your wife satisfy all your sexual needs?
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>small tits
>firm and tight butt
>cute moans
>gives great kisses

My waifu is a beanpole but I'm into girls with meat on them.
But anons, there are no scientific evidence that you can sexually pleasure or be physically pleasured by your 2D wife

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My demon lord can't possibly be this cute.
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Fino is in fact the cutest and bestest.
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Is that the onsen proprietress?

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How do you make Senpai notice you?
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Be abusive towards him and generally have a look of distain towards him on my face at all times.
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Do this.
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become a slut and fuck every other guy in school

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The company needs to fire 4 people, in order to make the budget for the next fiscal year. Who would you lay off?
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The four rookies because they're least skilled.
Fire Nene 4 times.
Someone from Hana-chan's team. I don't care about those fags.

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Time to watch Mayoiga again...
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Why would you do that?
OP is a masochist.

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