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>dramatic rabucom about gamers in high school full of misunderstandings

Has anyone read this series' LN? How shit can we expect it to be?
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Here you have.
First manga chapter is pretty funny
Blonde is best girl.

> Central-Anime release
> "Excellent, finally some good subs so I can watch it"
> Yellow piss subs
> 2017

Why is this allowed. Not that it doesn't blend well with the tone of the show, but still.

Yamato 2202 thread I guess.
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How long will it take for the entirety of that to be released?
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If it's like 2199, from now on expect 4 episodes every 3 or 4 months
A year from now

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FYI: TL for latest Saki and Biyori are out...
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...but I can't dump it right now, so someone else please post.
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Loser-hen keeps continuing.
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why do we hate her again?

>she was a bitch to honoka and others!

she was doing her job as a student prez by not letting a bunch of 1st/2nd years with no experience in singing and dancing use the name of the school for something as stupid as a school idol group

>she was a plot device!

kotori's retarded drama at the end of S1 was a plot device too
honoka overdoing herself and catching a cold during S2 was a plot device too
but you don't see anons hating on these characters because of that so why only eli gets the flak?

>she had no development!

so a foreign girl with no friends who adopted a strict posture/thinks it's weak to show emotions due to a traumatic childhood event that became more honest to her feelings and more open to others during the course of the anime isn't development enough? compare her to maki and umi, who were stock tsundere/yamato nadeshiko at first and did nothing of relevance related to their character development during the entire S1, S2 and movie, only engaging in short skits and nothing else

face it: eli ayase is one of the best characters of the franchise; your hateboner for her isn't justifiable when you compare facts
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Can we give this a rest? All this arguing over Eli is just tiring and at this point, no one is going to convince the other over anything.
The only member of ยต's worth a damn was Nico.
Love Live as a whole is pretty garbage with its tendency to toss any character development out the window and make everyone the same boring and mildly retarded genki girl.

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/a/ wins again
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ripip hanayama.jpg
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/ourguy/ VS the living meme he's gonna die, isn't he?
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I hope Hanayama will be able to outmeme Motobe and finally kill Musashi once and for all but honestly it's just gonna be 10 chapters of Musashi reminiscing true superior japanese warfare before winning.
Since when is an immortal yakuza middleschooler /ourguy/?

Only Baki or Yuujiro can beat Musashi. That's assuming Itagaki is willing to heavily shit on Musashi to the point of having him killed. Guy's a sword saint and an important figure in their culture

I doubt he'll be killed. He will probably just return to the afterlife after learning something from each of the fighters or some shit

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But that would be incest
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Yes and?

ITT the moment you dropped a show
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Survival of the fittest leeeooonard.
The real reason they hold war games (besides being a non-lethal alternative to real war) is to keep up a supply of strong warriors and experianced soldiers in case the demons start fucking shit up again. Before they made the war games they had a guy who would play at being the demon king and stage attacks for the same reason. They don't want their people getting too complacent.
Gotta train troops somehow.
Its just military training.

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Why is she so cute?
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Nobody watched love stage.
I did

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Chapter 4

Typesetting the chapter 4 was too much work and I'm a noob at it so, to keep my sanity and have fast release rate I'll just do TL for now on. Sorry .

>Chapter 5 : The extrasensorial pervert
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If you see typo please feel free to correct them.


>Fuck, this dude got impaled everywhere and he is still alive ?!
>The chick did that ?!

>This motherfucker shouldn't have threatened us !!
and try to leave with the target !!
>Yeah!! good riddance !!

>That's what it take to be a smartass !!
>We gonna so much rape her !!
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>ah, shut up !! I want this girl right now !!

>I can't take it anymore !! I want to fuck her !! even if she is deas !!
>been such a long time ... hoooo

>So !! Where did she go ?!
>Hey ! Pedophile ! Do you smell her ?!

>Do you want me to help you track her ?!
>Sorry but... I could find instantly a little girl... but I'm not interested, she is too old...
>And my tracker works only for prey that are worth the trouble !!

>Besides ... look what she is capable of ... she can protect herself ...
>I'm scared... I don't want to be anywhere near her ....

>Shut the fuck up and find her now with your pervert superpowers !!
>Ouch !! Yes; yes, forgive me gentleman !!

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Nazca was it good?
I don't know?
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I don't think I've seen anyone give a good word about it or maybe it was the one from Daft Punk I don't remember.
Can you repeat the question?
came for this

Explain to me why Yuri on Ice is bad, /a/.
Pic related, I'm pretty sure this is the protagonist.
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I hate gay people
Gay faggots.

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god fucking dammit Maybe
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Huh what
Well at least he didn't cockblock HIMSELF this time
I see he still has trouble with perspective and proportions.

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Only god tier OSTs allowed in this thread

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i really like this one unironically
Yeah I posted it as a joke but it is hype as fuck. Reminds me of when Shikimaru beat Temari using the Neji hole

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