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I started reading it about a month ago. Now I've finished the narrative arc Alma Torran. Probably this arc is a masterpiece, it is a demonstration of Shinobu Ohtaka's enormous screenplay capabilities (Chapter 222.5 is a masterpiece in my opinion). Why is it so underestimated? It seems to me really well done. The world created by Ohtaka is truly amazing, the author has well thought of every single detail. Characters are incredibly profound for a shonen, and Ohtaka offers equal space to all of them, there is not even a protagonist over the other characters. But above all, the story is incredibly well-narrated and original. A story that can handle issues that I have never seen in other shonen, certainly not with the same depth. What do you think?
I think it's one of the best shonen ever with Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Devilman and Gash Bell.
I'm almost certain that most people do not appreciate it (atypical series are always appreciated only by a specific circle of people).
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I think you should lurk more and read more, that's what I think.
I read many comics, do not worry. My favorite comics are Sandman and The Five Star Stories. But Magi among shonen manga is definitely one of those that resonates more.
It's the 12th best selling series of the last 6 months in Japan. Pretty sure it's mainstream huge.

And yes, it is a unique manga that holds a special place in my heart. A Gyokuen shaped place.

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I thought Japan stayed away from flash animation, just out of integrity.
Fire everyone on that animation team.

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Whats in the bag, /a/?
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Portal to dimension where Kuuko's seyuu is still alive and 3rd season is just announced.
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A eldritch horror dildo ?
The thing that bothers me the most is that we'll never know.

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>pure gyaru
They're the best, right?
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Choose one and only one.
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They're pure by default.

ITT: Characters who died virgins.
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Pretty sure she was a sex slave before she joined the resistance.

What the FUCK went wrong?
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My life I guess
It had a good OP and ryoko made the series.
it was rushed because the director had to fit 24 episodes worth of content into a six episode OVA because he got fucked by the contractors.
Everyone decided they wanted Cute Girls Doing Cute things. And Best Girl Ryoko, while definitely cute, doesn't fit into that definition of Cute.

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New isekai is here.
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Isekai is the peak of storytelling
shitty CClone
Nice, another average jap manlet boy with a scrawny physique and lack of personality. I can't wait.

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KyoAni idol anime by Ishihara when?
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amagi brilliant park S2 when?
haruhi s3 when?
Hyouka s2 when?

This show was pretty good, though the ending killed me tbqh. Any chance it could come back?

also is anyone else feel like it's getting harder and harder to "escape" into anime land?
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Osaka + Tall qt > all
though genki tomo is runner up
More like the best.

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Please tell me some group is planning on releasing the blu rays for this show.
I will learn Nip and translate them myself if it comes down to it.
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Also will this have new tracks that weren't in the ost and image albums? Thinking of buying it.
Yea it should have the entire soundtrack.


Down at the bottom, it says the other track are coming out too.
I will go to Japan, study my ass off, become a producer and start up an anime studio just so I can make sure this gets a second season.

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This is Japanese 10 year old.
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>This is a Japanese 10 year old
and most japanese woman are flat even at 24
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>Japanese 9 year old

Happy decadeversary, /a/.
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>it's been a decade since spice and wolf aired
>still no S3

That long huh

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Winry didn't need boobs like that.
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Nobody needs breasts like that.
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Perfect size.
I could swear that in FMA:B her breats size doubled throughout the series. Girl was growing up.

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What's his endgame /a/?
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mc is a dense fag that needs to go "gay" and start putting moves on reverse trap
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His endgame should be best girl
>childhood friend AND titcow AND sporty girl

It's a trifecta of losing.

Just watched this, what the fuck does it mean?
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What is this?

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