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Can't decide if i love or hate this. Some scenes are cool, some are shit. What do you guys think about this? Not a lot of discussion about this one here
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I really enjoy the manga, but dropped the anime after episode 3.
yeah the lol so randumb scenes got old quick and the middle was a drag but episode 9 was alright. just watched it. the drama parts are more interesting than just randomness for the sake of randomness
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It's passable harem comedy shit. I like the designs and most of the voicework but it doesn't seem particularly memorable since the gimmick is far from original.

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"My Spring Tiger Can't Be This Cute" edition.

Next episode is today, lads. What do you expect?
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Lurk more before posting.
At least wait for the sub to come out before making a thread.

This is being unfair.

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Sunrise is starting an animation school next year.
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How do I enroll?
They had better teach a new generation of mecha animators.
This, that'd be literally saving anime

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Which succulent fruit would you partake of first, /a/?
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I'm thirsty for some lemonade
Where the fuck is Sachi? And Yuuji's sister?

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What are you looking at senpai?
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shieeeeeeet at your fucking nice tits you fine bitch, if you didn't want me to slurp them up like a milkshake you shouldn't have prostrated yourself in front of me in such a lewd bitch manner, so no complaining *sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp*
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My kouhai can't be this cute and sexy!

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Jul 2017
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>those VAs
picked up
this is getting an anime?


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Why did Madoka have to lie to us? She said she can see the past, present, and future and can see everywhere yet she didn't see the events of rebellion. If she could see the future she would have seen what Homura did. If not then she could have mentioned something about not being able to see a certain time in the future.
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You want too much from baby's first faust.
Homura blocked her omnivision.
Homura magic


Why the fuck doesn't Seita just swallow his fucking pride and move back in with that bitch aunt of his? If he did, her sister wouldn't have died, and he wouldn't have died either. Don't get me wrong, the film is awesome but fucking hell is that little detail stupid.
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The aunt would have kicked them out anyway, if I remember right she constantly complained about them doing nothing to earn their keep, and constantly hinted to them to leave.
because children always make bad decisions and it's to further drive the point that they were alone in the world
kids are stubborn

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is ruri the cutest autist in anime?
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She's very cute
But she isn't the cutest autist, not by a long shot
That's a tight dress.

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dragon loli.jpg
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Name one flaw about her.
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>confusing fat with thicc
Not enough

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Part 3 is objectivily better than part 4
Sasuga anime-only JoJo fags

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With Ofanimon: Falldown Mode confirmed for Tailmon's Ultimate Evolution, does this mean that Hurricane Landing!! is finally non-canon, or is this another Dark Evolution type deal like with Greymon having SkullGreymon and MetalGreymon as 2 separate Perfect levels?
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Evil Taichi when
Definitely the later. How is that even a question
Is Hikari gonna get cucked?

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>Touching memorable death scene
>Turns out later the character didn't actually die
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Nanatsu no Taizai in a nutshell. And then some characters will pay their respects to the actual deaths of some immensely sideline characters that barely had two lines or just entirely unnamed characters.

It's kind of silly. This crop from the manga sums it up pretty well. It's a shame because I like a lot about it, but whenever someone dies, it just doesn't matter. If they're a main character or important side character, they will come back.
So, every shounen manga death ever?

>oh no goku sacrificed himself
>next day hes fine

>oh no kakashi sacrificed himself
>next day hes fine

>oh no kiriha sacrificed herself
>next day shes fine
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>remembering when /a/ lost their shit when Hawk died

those were the days

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Okay, memes aside, did he actually do something wrong? If so, what part was the wrong part? The rape? The massacre?
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yes. the fuck is wrong with you
>merging the spirit world with the human world such that atrocities/demons come through
he fucked up
But that doesn't explain anything? What exactly did he do wrong?

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Thoughts on Casca becoming whiter and whiter with each adaptation?
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It's only natural for a man to dye a woman in his color.
Good. Brown skin is ape skin color.
Gatts is slightly brown-ish as well. It's tan.

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