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Is Marii sexy?
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Everything looks great with that seifuku.
Boys can't be sexy

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ITT Girls who are so out of your league you can't even waifu them.
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AbsoluteDuo op4.webm
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Is this the best harem series opening of all time?
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>not the full webm

Rakudai's is better.

H-Hey guys, the next episode will be about her right?
I mean, she's the only one without an character arc
The show will focus on her and she will be added to the harem right?

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jewess shop keeper is kinda cute

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>hardsubbed anime
>bd comes out
>no one willing to do BD subs
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Get an OCR program and do it yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world.
Lol fuck no, I wont do that shit for free. Fuck off eop pirates
What OCR program works on 1080p mkv stuff?

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What is the worst translation you've ever seen?
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Do you even have to ask?

> Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub.
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Here's the original text, btw. It translates as "her ass is irresistible".

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Which anime character has the largest breasts? This is the biggest I have found so far
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It was inevitable
>the original pailoli
>zero fanart
It might as well never have happened.

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Regardless of what you think of them as characters, you have to admit that these two are absolute babes.
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Yes they are
Completely agree OP.
Are they friends?
Those two are sexy as fuck, but who's that whore with the yellow hair?

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Please read the guide before asking any questions!
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She'll probably stab you with that sword the moment you go to sleep. What a waste of a dakimakura. Could have had one of Celica instead, or hell, even the generic tsundere or ara ara girl.
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Re=L a shit. A SHIT.

Celica a best. A BEST.

Can't argue with that. Even her name is retarded. (Yes, even by anime standards)

Celica a shit. A SHIT.

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Does your waifu have disgusting fetishes?
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My waifu is so pure that she doesn't even have a vagina.
According to doujins, foot licking. We're both 2d girls so I'm ok with it.
I knowi it's hentai, but they should at least try to keep their own facts straight....

>doesn't like boring sex
>gets turned on being treated like an onahole

>treated like an onahole turns her on
>not letting boring guy do her as she doesn't move like an onahole

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How much anime has /a/ watched?

>inb4 people say "too much"
>inb4 being called a newfag
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Collectively or individually?
Either way, the answer is n.
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Netflix just confirmed they're going to sponsor the HakoMari anime adaptation. More details soon.
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Oh god, what a shitshow it would be.
I dont think any adaption could adapt the first volume correctly

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What are a girl's feet for?
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for walking

anons whose waifus are sexualized like hell by artists and have tons of nasty doujins, how do you cope with that? do you just ignore that stuff or what?
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I don't read lewd doujins of characters I like.
I don't give a rats ass.
even 2D girls are all sluts

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