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ITT: characters so forgettable even the show's creators forgot they were there.
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That's not nice. True, but not nice.

To be fair, they also mostly forgot about the two background lezzes in Walkure.
It was a fault of how they plotted the conflict. Not only her but so many of the other pilot characters felt like jobbers because most the fights basically ended with no casualties and status quo. Really didn't feel like a war. Needed to have more mooks or kill off more chars
Look at the bright side: in fifteen years she'll be able to have Hayate for herself.

Yeah. I thought it was going to turn into Macross' version of the One Year War, but instead became some weird thing where the Windermerians were undefeatable until Roid pulled that instrumentality bullshit.

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Slutiness Ford Lalatina
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I had a hard time understanding what was happening in that image
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>pic related
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Cucks should be skinned alive and doused in salt
Darkness is for marriage and lifelong kinky sex in the missionary position

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Who else is curious to see the first berserk spinoff?
At least the cover of the book looks pretty neat.
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Neat. Thank you for this.
Wait what? Miura made a Grunbeld spinoff?
Not Miura, the spinoff is a LN written by the guy who directed the new anime.
It has illustrations made by Miura though

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I ship it.
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>she just goes along with the village at the end
Except she doesn't
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Was she the only girl who wasn't batshit insane or retarded?
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Yes. I like to pretend that after GTO they get together and Paradise Lost never happens
What about the old lady?
>watching the anime
You made a mistake.

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Why does this cute girl have the rinnegan? Who did she kill and eye thief?
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It's just her iris, not the whole eye, so that must be Answer Talker from Gash Bell. Probably the more broken eye hax, but she just uses it for candy knowledge.
84 years as passed
and saya is still best girl

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>It's better than Kimi no na wa
>The visuals are great
>The Romance has a satisfying payoff
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>NGE is good
>Re:Zero is good
>Vigne isn't best girl
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>it'll make you cry
>this is the saddest anime ever

Fucking melodramafags.
>The Romance has a satisfying payoff

i dont think anyone has ever said that

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I want to have chex with her.
I like to pretend this is the canon ending to the shitty manga. It makes it hurt a little less.

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used goods thread
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I'm still mad
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I hate this doujin so much. Let's make this a healing used goods thread.

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What did she mean by this? Why would she ask Homura to basically sacrifice her life for her sake? Seems completely out of character.

Haven't watched Rebellion btw

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>Why would she ask Homura to basically sacrifice her life

When the fuck she ever said that?
Clearly she somehow magically predicted that trying to keep her from making a contract without her dying and stopping Walpurgis was going to be impossible and would result in Homura going on an eternal quest.
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Well, Madoka is the hero! Of course she's the one who wins!

Honestly OP it's as obvious a question as "Why does Uraraka suffer in silence while Izuku gets comforted by friends and family alike."

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Do you miss him, /a/?
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Ya, I fucking loved Tiger and Bunny.
More and more each day.
Is season two just never going to come?

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Edgy girls or trollish girls?
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Seija smells good.
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Ryuko's neither edgy nor trollish. She's just sort of an honest nice girl who gets hot-headed easily.

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>Cancel show after the first 18 episodes
>"Reboot" it to be exactly the same and pick up where the first show left off, but with a shit theme song

Why? How the fuck did that boost the ratings at all? Also, Ranma 1/2 thread, I've never seen you guys talk about this.
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Moved to a better timeslot.
This show desperately needs a re-dub. Male Ranma being voiced by a woman takes you out of the show completely.
It was fine. The problem was when it switched to inuyasha.

Why is this allowed?
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Why wouldn't it be? She's lovely in uniform.
Is there a problem you see with best girl? I certainly don't

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