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Am I missing something here?
Why did Punpun just turn into a full edgelord after running away with Aiko?
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i'm not sure what the fuck does that mean anymore
"edgelord", nigga what?
not him, but didn't he become a psychopath at the end

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>be filthy 80s otaku
>meet girl who is unironicly also 80s otaku
>only a true 80-taku because she is poor
>pic related on how it plays out
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>80s otaku
What, you mean one of the "moe is ruining anime" idiots that watched 3 OVAs in their lives and think all 80s anime were gory cyberpunk?
Car otaku
They like 80s cars
*80's idol, toy, culture otaku

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And I’m not talking about pre brain damaged Accelerator. I’m not talking about post brain damage Black Wings Accelerator. Hell, I’m not even talking about WW3 White Wings Accelerator either. I’m talking about Kami nimo hitoshii chikara no henrin wo furuu mono Angellerator with full control over his awakened state (which alone has helped him tanked an Eurasia Buster attack without using vector reflection, capable of at least Mach 15 movement speed), with supersonic reaction speed, high level intellect support by near ten thousands of espers that rival 2 super computer which can predict weather for a whole month ahead with perfect accuracy, along with high skilled markmanship, a modified crutch that hide counter measure to protect his choker from interference devices. With just his esper ability alone, Accelerator has showed to be able to survive no less than 200 millions of meteors from Divine Judgement, reflecting human magic, absorbing 5 minute worth of Earth’s kinetic energy, fighting while protecting normal citizens at supersonic speed, wrecking Dark Matter without the need to unleash his Wings, reverse-engineering magic technique, accessing and editing informations stored in human brain, and last but not least, monitoring fetal development just by touching a pregnant woman.
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Giorno Giovanna
The obvious Goku

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How hard will she win bros?
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hard, but don't make threads about this show. it's nothing but shitposting these days, sadly.
Sorry, I feel like I haven't talked Oregairu in forever
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She won't. Do you hate her? She doesn't want to have a romantic relationship with Hachiman. Maybe friendship at the most.

Yui will win. Her whole thing is romance with a bit of genuine.

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It's hardly known, I wouldn't say it's overrated.
Personally I enjoyed it
So I thought I'd look this up to see what I thought about it and wew that description.
No, it's pretty good

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You can say what you want about Studio 3HZ. But damn do they make good OPs. Why didn't you like it?
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I liked the Flip Flappers OP too. Hopefully their guaranteed trainwreck next season has another good OP.
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They've had three shows that started out good and ended up shit, they won't make the same mistake the fourth time, r-right?
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The pacing was fucked to hell due to trying to adapt as far into the manga as they could. They outright removed several arcs meant to develop the characters and a few episodes in they started adapting 5-10 chapters per episode, and these chapters were close to 50 pages long each.

The OPs were nice though.

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If this show is so bad, why do people talk about it years later?
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It's not EVA so who cares?

it's a great show ruined by a cancerous fanbase and a cashgrab movie
It's a masterpiece.

The only thing that's bad are the threads.

This is a japanese clock, say some thing nice to her.
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Tick tock, suck my ____
A broken clock is right twice a day

Why does this make me erect?
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pout yama.png
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I am confused now.
It's a very old 4chan bug, where when 2 images are posted at exactly the same time, one of them may be replaced by the other.
You can tell by the aspect ratio and the filename.

Just started reading Berserk. Puck is so cute. I wanna keep him as a pet. Sew him tiny girl clothes, feed him grapes, pat his head with my fingers, kiss his tummy and call him cute.
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Go to bed Erika.
Griffith did nothing wrong.
>not using him as a living dildo for your boypucci

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Do you like Sailor Moon?
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weird to see a western girl thats not fat doing cosplay.
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File: 1467369410513.jpg (44KB, 466x350px)Image search: [Google]
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Don't forget!

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I just marathoned this manga, and it is 10/10 amazing. Literally the Beserk of the 2010s, and will probably surpass it by the time :re ends... Why aren't you reading it?
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LOL. Surpass Berserk? The mental retardation is strong in this one.
File: 1497064698638.jpg (17KB, 383x384px)Image search: [Google]
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:re is shit though

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How can anybody defend this guy at this point?
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He looks like a pretty cool guy to me.
The fuck?

Does no one care about this anime anymore?
File: 1497068214076.png (27KB, 719x563px)Image search: [Google]
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He doesn't need to be defended.
HE IS THE EMPEROR OF MANKIND! you filthy heretic.

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Ayana Taketatsu as Yuzuko Aihara
Minami Tsuda as Mei Aihara
Yukiyo Fujii as Harumi Taniguchi
Yurika Kubo as Himeko Momokino
Shiori Izawa as Matsuri Mizusawa,
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Now rank them by homosexuality.
Is it a full season?
File: 1413034526207.gif (2MB, 288x540px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 288x540px
>Ayana Taketatsu as the Gyaru.
Oh my DICK.

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>literally no sense of self-worth, deeply hates herself
>gets bullied and does nothing bcs selfh8
>fucks up numerous times
I don´t know man, she´s pretty far from being perfect.
Shes a cheating slut according to the NTR doujins
File: 1488260279676.png (496KB, 560x640px)Image search: [Google]
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she's cute

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