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Be honest now, the show isn't that bad. Then, why hate?
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The MC is too realistic
Many anons find themselves in him?
I don't know about the rest of /a/, but I personally disliked it because the MC was a fucking stuffed animal.
It was like having a living funko pop walking around with normal humans and everyone acting like it was normal.

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But seriously, S3 when
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thanks, gentleman

Name a better girl. You can't.
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ugly bitch

You're grandma

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What does /a/ think of funsized girls?
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Pure Perfection.
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>roughly 40kg

Imagine how fun it would be etc etc
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Is the most iconic anime opening of all time?
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What is this
It's Cowboy Bebop's OP
It's also in the filename.

I could've not spoonfed you, but it's such a good OP that not even newfags deserve to not hear it.


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ITT series everybody already forgot
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new beginning good news
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KF is still very popular.

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She's looking directly into your eyes, say something nice already!!!
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You are a nice girl Yui. Hope you win the 8bowl.
I want to put my hands on her hips
Why is your face flat?

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So do we agree that this spring season is one of the worst spring seasons we've had in years?
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Do we agree that Ruby ought to be raped?
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I'll be a member of the screws all right if you know what I mean.
The intro tells me to ditch my friends, so ok
Is there an initiation ritual?

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Would you watch anime about cute catholic saints doing cute catholic saint things?
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Maria-sama ga Miteru
Sono Hanabira
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Catholocism is an interesting and visually stunning culture. I'm sure great things could be done with it
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What would anime be like in an alternate timeline where the Portuguese converted Japan to Catholocism?

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Today is everyone favorite idol's birthday, say something nice to her
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She's very pretty and has a great sense of humor!
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That voice of an angel.

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what the fuck
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Chill man. The anime was halfassed a lot, they cut out too many things central to the future plot and it pisses me off.
Really? The anime was slow af, I'm surprised they cut anything off.
welcome to early arc 5, from the same man who brought you early arc 4

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Season 2 was an abysmal failure because they standardized a post-fantasy reality and made it the norm; everyday life. People don't want everyday, they live it already. It's boring. When it's boring, you have to contrive shit to make it more appealing, and that's what they did with the story line. They took a now remedial world and introduced a contrived dilemma modeled on successful past pretense in attempt to develop something with depth, but like a standard non-fictional world it came up lacking due to the fact that escapism was obliterated by the post-fantasy reality now mirroring modernism.
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>Season 2 was an abysmal failure because they standardized a post-fantasy reality and made it the norm; everyday life.
It wasn't, tasteless faggot.

Spectacular elaboration. Not bandwagoning at all. Twilight might be right up your ally.
>People don't want everyday, they live it already.
What the fuck? Is this your fifth anime? Is this your fifth piece of fiction in general? This is such a retarded claim that it's not even worth reading the rest of your post.

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*grabs Red Chaika's tiddies from behind*

Got yer tits
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Why did only her and white chaika have that retarded speak pattern?

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Violet Evergarden confirmed for January 2018. Website is up http://violet-evergarden.jp/
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>3-dimensional PV image
Nice, will be just in time for my 4k TV that will offer the ultimate Kyoani experience.

Episode one world premier at Anime Expo this July

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