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>The first lewd figure you bought when you moved out of your parents place

What's her name /a/?
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>implying i ever moved out of my parents place
>swimsuits are lewd
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Well this one sure is...

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Sleepy mad bull 34.jpg
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when was the last time a MC had a mustache in anime?
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>Just stick a finger up her ass
What did Sleepy mean by that?
It would've worked if he'd done it, Daizaburo was too beta at the time to override her shock with sexual desire.
>you're so low you couldn't parachute out of a snake's asshole.

No really what did he mean by this?

This scene looks totally retarded, did all those years of Dragon Ball ruin it for me?
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Akari is a shit writer what do you expect?
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See, I saw it in the manga as them just jumping really high, and the transition is left vague.

Them literally going for DBZ style flight was the dumbest stylistic choice they made

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Give me neesans or give me death
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I give you neesan's feet. The shameless pantyshot comes free.
>neesan's feet

Anon, please, I can't handle this
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you asked for it bitch

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Koe no Katachi.jpg
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Does this get any better? I got 30 minutes into it before I literally fell asleep out of boredom.
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Stay asleep forever.
How is the ADHD treating you?
no, it's boreland, like any other kyoanus shit.

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Who is you're favorite Digimon?
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Imagine being so desperate for (you)s that you create the same thread over and over again
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BanchoLillymon has my favorite design.

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Casshern Sins.jpg
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ITT: Post anime that turned out to be much better than you were expecting
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Couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this series.
Casshern is bad, and the only good thing about is the artstyle.

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lmao this is so stupid its fun
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>that silhouette
why do all those people have heels?
Why did this feel like the final chapter of a cancelled nanga? Was it cancelled?

The manga was way better
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How is she supposed to understand them if they're speaking Korean?
She is only their to get cucked
The artists literally makes fun of NTR cucks with the last page. It's hilarious. It's all a movie plot Nagatsuka made up.

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Sleepy big tits.
Sleepy-chan is where the paradise is at.
Why does Kyoani make its girls so plump and thick?

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It's time for Chio to attempt to go to school
Chapter 25
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And we are still in the imouto saga
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File: i-121.png (731KB, 1125x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
731KB, 1125x1600px

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icon 1.jpg
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Asuka is for _______
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>Female main characters
KnK, KnK(good one), Moestuff and Youjo Senki

>Male main characters
Every show out there

>Genderbends out there

Yet there arent any trap MCs even if they are plentiful as side characters.

>You cant relate to a trap
Most males cant relate to females as well but there are female mains in male manga.
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jesus trap.jpg
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Nigga you gay.
>Most males cant relate to females as well but there are female mains in male manga.
I'm curious. Why do you think that is?
Anon, this thread isnt about that. Its a question akin to "why dont anime have black guys"

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no it's a nug!.jpg
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Daily reminder
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I wanna kill umaru.
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>start with capital letter
>don't capitalize any word after that
>end with a period
I recognize that typing pattern.
ESL-cunt it's you isn't it?
That was a crazy day.

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How do you feel about this undeveloped body?
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Is that from a Dagashi H-doujin?

Looks gorgeous.
That's a pretty cute boy
It would be like doing another dude with a vagina.

And I find the boner I just got concerning

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