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if you were a magic girl, what color would you be?
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like my anus
Shit brown like my soul
pink or white preferably

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this is a japanese slug
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For me it's Megumin; intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor.
And this is a Savanna striped giant slug.
more like a japanese slut

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I really really want to fight Shinka
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Even though the outcome is clear from the start? In some ways that is truly beautiful.
I want to cuddle with Kumin. What the fuck is wrong with you masochists?
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I concur.

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twin star exorcists.jpg
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this is more alpha
If that isn't a big obvious death flag, I don't know what is.
Honestly, if people didn't figure it out from the first two minutes of ep1 or the series PV, there's no way they're gonna get it now.

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It's been a while
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What was the joke behind this? Why was he at the soup store?

Post old animemes

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>Literally tells him not to use her real name unless he's proposing to her
>He says it just to say it

This dude is a fucking cunt
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So? Assholes finish first.
Alphagetti as fuck
she'd still drop her panties for him in a heart beat. I don't get what exactly makes this loser appealing. He's almost rin level of bland and useless. Every time I hear his voice actor I expect Utaha or Eriri to chime in.

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What is Hestia's main purpose of this show?
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>no little cat girl to fuck while your goddess (read: sex slave) is at work earning money for you
Destroy bell's dick
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best girl.jpg
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not being best girl

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Karin is the cutest
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Doesn't MC turn down this cutie like a little beta bitch?
The author needs to learn how to tie up a proper ending.

This is your robutt for the night.
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>gourai has an excellent DFC for the whole show
>but now she has cowtits
Her human form showed them

1 more episode to go.

I wonder how different his backstory will be in the manga.
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Heine a shit, A SHIT.
Lich is best ouji.
Oh shit, I forgot I was watching this. I think I was on episode 6. It stays good, right?
Haine dindu nuttin

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EVA reference?
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i remember that episode when space brock was in search of something something alien shit and stuff
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i mean...WTF was this guy's problem? he gets in a spaceship, meet a bunch of other fucking kids and THEN he starts to butcher a poor baby space kangaro just because of survival? fuck this guy....
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Mental illness.jpg
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Everything is an Eva reference is you look hard enough

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fuck my life.png
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Woop woooop
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Due to the time needed for rapping chapters, here's something else to talk about while I do this.

>Takase Haruhiko: Kumagai Kentarou
>Kanda Saki: Miyake Haruka
>Minagawa Yuki: Hanazawa Kana
>Furuya Jun: Amasaki Kouhei
>Furuya Hotaru: Tomatsu Haruka
>Katori Shinichi: Namikawa Daisuke

Now excuse me while I try to make stuff rhyme naturally.
What does Tsuredure mean?

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I'm in love with Ueno!!!!
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She's a bitch but can't help but like her by the end of the movie. I'd wife her.
She was a fucking idiot but as a fucking idiot myself I can sympathize.
I'm in love with the coco

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