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aim for the ace.png
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What the fuck are they preparing this burger in?
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There's writing. It appears to say 'ELECTRONIC FANGE'.

hope that helps
It's probably "range"
>An electric stove or electric range is a stove with an integrated electrical heating device to cook and bake. Electric stoves became popular as replacements for solid-fuel (wood or coal) stoves which required more labor to operate and maintain. Some modern stoves come in a unit with built-in extractor hoods.

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party crushers!
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hotaru back.gif
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When its "that" instead of "her" or her name, its very easy to say no. "That" has no personality, no identity, no connection to anything.
Easy. No
Like this

Let's have a Mushishi thread. Take it easy and discuss your favourite episodes.
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Best episode is the one where the guy is responsible for summoning the destructive mushi and then keeps doing it without giving a fuck.
The feels were too strong for me to finish this.

God damn, the show was masterfully crafted.
1st EP was confusing as hell.

There were 2 versions of the grandma and one of them was stuck in Limbo?

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hot girls killing each other on a prison island
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Most horror manga I've been reading seem to be all in some isolated island.
sorry to play backseat mod, but there's a thread about this, though it seems to mostly be about bitchng about the translator notes.
Please leave.

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N A N I S O R E ?
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I want this keyboard

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Would you an armored dragon beast?
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Freddy is pure sex.
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Literally the perfect girl. Made me realize blonde hair red eyes is the master race.
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Warning: Actual minor spoilers, not porn.

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>Yamato Nadeshiko
>Japanese madonna

Who the fuck translated this shit?
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Daisuki. Definitely up there near the top of recent shitsubs.

They're paid to do this?
It's hella cute, lad. What you on about?
You're not the real mccoy at all.

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>most entertaining comedy this season.

Why aren't you watching this /a/?
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You mean so horribad it's actually good? If so, I can agree.

2nd best anime this season.
>You mean so horribad it's actually good? If so, I can agree.

Name one thing bad about it, but pretend that it's your first anime.

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oh jeez that's pretty sexually provocative be right back jerking my dick
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It is lost in time and space.

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>school romance manga suddenly turns into pretentious NTR bullshit
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let me guess, you jumped to conclusions after the last page of Boku Dake Shitteru Ichinomiya-san's most recent chapter?
No matter what politic, creed, race, or religion; I think we can all agree that cucks need to be eradicated from the earth by any means necessary.
that was ntr bait from the first chapter

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Things you want to see more in anime

I'll start; More rotoscoped series
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More chestlets getting put in their place.
I can't find the specific scene, but pic very much related, you know what I'm talking about
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DBEFxykV0AAICe0.jpg large.jpg
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More delicious brown.
More CG

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3 (3).jpg
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Who does japan portray stepmoms differently as in the west?

In western culture stepmoms are always portrayed as mean, selfish and sometimes downright evil. Meanwhile in Japan, they're usually portrayed as kind, cheerful and loving.

Also, in Japan, it seems like stepmom and biological mom can coexist together (if said biological mom still alive), unlike in western culture where they at each end of each other
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Who does japan portray stepmoms differently as in the west?

Stop reading/watching so much hentai. There's portrayals of bad stepmoms in 3D shows/

I meant to greentext the first line.
Because japan is clearly superior than western.

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I'm glad /a/ unanimously agrees that Sagiri is Loli of the season.
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I beg to differ.
She's not a loli, she's a JC.
I don't.

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So I watched serial experiments lain for the first time, anyone mind telling me wtf was happening in it.
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what specifically don't you get? A lot of it is just meant to be weird/references to things, or just symbolic.
specifically op pic

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