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>the orienteering episode
Why is this such a common thing in anime? I've literally never heard of people doing "orienteering" outside of anime. I am highly skeptical that it is actually a real thing people do.
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Did you not have gym in highschool or something?
Cute dumb nino poster

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Does /a/ own any VHS tapes?
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Never even heard of an anime called VHS
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If you don't have the entire Buu saga on tape then get the fuck out my face son.
No, because they're utterly pointless. You don't need them when streaming and torrents exist.

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>his favorite studio sexualizes characters
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You're posting a company which does.
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Kyoani killed anime
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Shaft killed anime

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Get out of my way, fag

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>refuses sex from a hot older babe
>goes to swordfight with alien boy literally a day later
What the fuck was Anno trying to say here?
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He isn't going for that old used up hag

He's saving himself for foreign 14 year pussy and then godly pussy
Shinji grew up without a mother so his relationship with women is fucked up at best. Meanwhile he's been able to interract with other guys somewhat normally.
It's almost as if some people aren't interested in sex with someone they had seen as a parental/authority figure during a moment of terrifying sadness

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Is this the most pure friendship ever portrayed in a show?
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Do we really need like 5 hxh threads right now?
They were fucking

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This shit is so kino. There should be more stories about toys being brought to life.
There are some good Twilight Zone episodes about the concept.
I hated the ending and I hated to see this go.
But it was a pleasant surprise, hard to put down once I'd gotten started on it.

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Bulma is the prettiest anime girl in the history

You can't be prove it wrong
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Not even the prettiest girl on her anime
Mai was always best DB girl from the beginning
Shit taste. Blonde Lunch is hotter.
Videl is much better.

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Haven't seen a thread about it in a bit. What news do we have on its progress?

And will it be lewd?
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Might as well, yoi is getting threads for literally nothing
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>backgrounder steals the spot light
>becomes the mc

will this meme ever end?
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What's that got to do with Rem?
he's the embodiment of a background character stealing the spotlight and undeservingly become the mc.
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I still don't get why she didn't go with best boy.

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If one of those guys was the Kite for a yet to be presented character and said character would treat Killua the same way Gon treated Pitou, would Gon sympathize with said character?
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It depends, has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
as much as id enjoy such an arc togashi, please finish the current arc before stealing ideas for the next arc off /a/. this place is void of inspiration
>mfw I remember he thinks he could take on Netero
>similar to how that loser Knov though the could handle the Royal Guards

Ha. Smugness is a cancer in Hunter x Hunter and I love it when characters get humbled as fuck.

Why are belly buttons so sexy?
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No idea. Have you ever sniffed one? They smell awful.
>midriff completely exposed
>vagina partially bones visible

anyone else think this is categorically fucking disgusting?
Yeah, homos like (You).

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Why do manga rarely nail the ending? Of course manga often get axed and that forces them to have a shitty ending. However, it always seems like manga either end too early and leave you just wanting more or overstay their welcome and end very pitifully. Endings that leave you satisfied seem to be out of place.
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Japs in general just have a different view on how to do endings. Their novelists like Souseki have often left me feeling somewhat blue balled by their endings aswell. It is what it is
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Sports manga in general usually have abrupt and unfulfilling endings. It's always like, enter championship, win a game through fighting spirit, then lose the next one offscreen, then the next chapter is the ending. Most of the side plots not involving the sports rarely get resolved too.
Media was pretty underwhelming for an ending, or am I forgetting something?

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Characters that literally did nothing wrong
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The hell happened to the comfy alien daughter simulation?
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The evil witch ruined it.
It was always a yuri show, even in the manga.
the evil witch makes me frazzled

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