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ITT: Ponintless characters
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Being pointless was her point.
I masturbated to her once.
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left or right?
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Right for me, please.
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I'll take left.

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Is this actually good or am I being memed on? It's QUALITY at the very least and it looks like a children's cartoon.
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All anime is for children.
Objectively wrong. And even then. Some at least have proper shading and anatomy.
>Is this actually good?
>It's QUALITY at the very least and it looks like a children's cartoon.
Yes, and?

Do i need to watch the first season to understand the second one coming this fall?
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Are you fucking retarded?
Why else would you watch a sequel to something?
mhh not really because the story wasn't the main focus,it's more of a comical slice of life thing.
It's funny as hell and also loves dark humor.
It also gives the brothers a lot of fanservice for me so if you are also fujo and are into nonserious pairings I'd recommend it..

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LOL at the screenshot.

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Kys yourself
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I can't even understand what the fuck you just wrote.

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Why is no one talk about the Mazinger Z movie
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>The goal is really to have a Mazinger Z work that is up to date with today's society
>The movie will use 2D and CGI animation
>The new Mazinger Z movie will have face Koji Kabuto with the different visions and interpretations of Justice
>All the animation staff is doing their best and are on the finishing line. The director is working so hard he lost a lot of weight
>The robots will be in 3D and the characters in 2D. The same methods as in Digimon Tri and Precure will probably be used
>The movie will take place 10 years after the show and will introduce a new character named Lisa. She's kind of a contrast to Sayaka
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Is this show good or is it really bad? I can't decide.
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It's entertaining.
All of these.
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I like how all the shitty characters go their just desserts in the end.

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Describe their relationship
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Tsundere lovers.
Sweet and sour soulmates.
Cat and dog.
Shinka: Aloof, haughty, smug, generally an asshole
Deko: Loud, excitable, energetic, a moron

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Why are bespectacled girls always worst girl?
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You got a typo there, girls with glasses are always the best.
There is nothing wrong with glasses.
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Would you with pic related?

Be honest.

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She was better than the other girls admit it already.
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she looks like a dumbass
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She was a fucking dumbass, The only good thing about this Fire wench is the footfag fanart that got created.
she is I am with you FULL SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Where all that food goes to end? Do they poop and piss?
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They do indeed.
i believe they do
the food goes in their stomach xd
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tsumugi cute.jpg
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Even Tsumugi? What kind of face does she make when doing it?

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when does it get good?
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The first 5 volumes are the best part of the story
Beginning until the new year confrontation/before the first time-skip.
Then Friend's childhood arc.
The first 11 or so volumes were good.

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Kirito duelwield.png
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My sister just finished watching pic related and said she liked it as much as Eva
Is she right?
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Is she right for what? If she likes it as much as eva, that's on her for having bad taste.
How can she be wrong? It's her opinion.

Cool thread, guy.
She probably liked it that much unless she has a long history of lying to you about stuff that doesn't matter and you have cause to not believe her words.

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Hyouge's op was nice, is it worth watching?
Yes, the OP isn't actually fantastic (too dull and repetitive, animation is nice though) but the series is definitely worth a watch.
Can't choose between these 5

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Quiet, introverted tomboys are better than genki, extroverted tomboys.
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Yes, we need more of this, especially kuudere tomboys.
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All tomboys are best.

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