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The best two characters of this season.
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Two characters that only want to start a revolution making life better with their universe-breaking tools.
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I mean ayypuci is cool, but that autist? She's not even top 5 characters in her own show. Shit taste senpai.

If you're gonna go with re:creators at least choose shark.

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Pink Aoi will be your queen for today
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What's the pinkest part of her body?
her butthole, how is that even a question?
I want to make Shiori a mother.

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Would this have made more sense than Goku and Chichi
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Mr. Popo x Blond Launch
Makeup really ruins 2d characters. She looks 10 years younger in Super.
That makes too much sense.

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The great debate
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Can Shiki kill a Servant?
>Shirou vs literally who
Shirou cause he can kill servants like that time in heaven's feel when he said:

"Don't get carried away.... MONSTER!"

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Who would win in a fight and why is it saitou? I mean the guy basically fought 70,000 beasts compared to guts's 100 men. To make it fair we'll give guts the beserker armour and saitou is without his gandalfr powers
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that whole saitou look really cute, can i borrow him for one night?
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Just try that and you'll be in a world of pain
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bring it

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At what point does an anime girl stop being a loli? Is it when she first bleeds from her cunny? And how are such questions generally answered? Is there an anime industry standards group? Or does each studio just play by its own rules?
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Turns into a hebe with puberty. In general, a loli has the body of a prepubescent child, though most artists tend to add curves that have no place on children, yet their characters are accepted as loli.
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Loli is a prepubescent body type. For the stupid among us, that means she hasn't grown pubic hair or breasts (oppai lolis are not lolis eat shit), she's short and she has a childlike face (to be fair all female anime characters do). Mikan is about the biggest a loli can get.
Mikan isn't prepubescent , neither is Illya nor Kuro.
JC lovers would find them sexy because they have noticeable secondary sexual characteristics.

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I know that feel. Just keep doing your best, anon.

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Let's start
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Wilhelm van Astrea senpai

>seiyuu was in JAV
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>seiyuu watches JAV
Isn't it more usual that the seiyuu enters JAV at the end of her career?
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>seiyuu is curious about entering JAV

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>wastes so much time debating between best pure maiden Haru and generic shitty girl Kyoko

Putting aside all the major problems with this series, just what the hell is wrong with Tsuna in not already picking Haru already?
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Didn't he end with both though?
i legit forgot this exists. is there some problem with it that its not popular, or is it just one of the many forgotten series?
Dokuro was best girl.
End of future arc was a mistake. I mean, Tsuna had some great growth during that arc but the conclusion and what came after was bollocks.

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How does it feel to be on the right side /a/?
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How fucking autismal do you have to be to "ship" anything in one piece
>t. LuNa shipper
We always knee though.
A few were in denial

Thinking about reading this for the first time.
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Then read it instead of posting you fucking faggot.
no nigger
Stop making threads and go ask in the tokyo ghoul thread retard
Also answer, original tokyo ghoul is god tier re is good until the end of tsukiyama arc(chapter 56 of :re, and then starts going downhill until it goes in point of no return in cochlea arc) chapter 125 caused a shitstorm because mc and first girl fucked and some retarded fujos from dumblr shipped him with his best friend, but besides that and some other puntual chapters is not that good
Now the new arc we are entering into looks interesting, it can turn out to be great or keep being shit.
So my personal recomendation is read og tokyo ghoul and ignore :re exists. Or if you want to continue read re until cochlea arc begins, then it goes to shit. 63 is probably a good stoping point for :re
When:re ends, ask again if eating cochlea rue arcs and akira wanking and muh romance mini arc is worth it because of the following arc or not

So basically, read tokyo ghoul, :re begins being pretty good but turned to shit halfway

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The most based black man in anime
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What does based mean?
Idk I heard it on reddit

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So what's the deal with this guy?
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What do you mean?
He's resistant to strawberry shortblades.
He is one of the gang's banchos. Maybe a little short, but he is badass enough to be an honorary non-manlet.

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