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itt: redpilled characters
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A dot doesn't count as a nose b t w.
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Because I stole all their noses.

Hey /a/

Is she flat?
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in between
The right size

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I like this page.
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Mana is the cutest in the world!
Second for Akira's mature
Is she the cutest because she's made for bullying, or is she made for bullying because she's cute?

Anon, she's looking at you! Don't be awkward, say something!
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How ugly
Marry me!

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Would you fall in love with her?
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>ywn be Astoflo
What would you do to me?
"she" cant surpass the best girl in original fate, so no
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Nothing because you will never be her.

Thoughts on the Futami twins?
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I'd fuck them so hard they'd prolapse
They lack penis, so they never caught my attention.
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>no penis

Where were you when Ponoc saved anime?
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>shitty Kiki/Anne bastard child
>saved anime
2nd rate trash.
>shitty Kiki/Anne bastard child
That is a really stupid, superficial comparison.
Should have chosen a different idea for the story. Really didn't need yet another story about a kid becoming a witch/wizard and going to magic school while searching for/using the magical mcguffin of legend. They've added the on-the-run thing and maybe the school is a small portion of the film admittedly.

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So stoked to finally get our old Casca back in this next issue
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She's going to turn on them and cause the eclipse 2.0
She's either "possessed" by Femto or the demon dick was 2good or something. She's going to kill fucking everyone though. Pucker up.
Her options are:
1. Join Guts's party as a fighter
2. Join Guts's party and still be useless
3. Stay in Elfhell
4. Run off and join Griffith/Rickert
5. Die in the dream world
6. Stay retarded

Anything else?
The most likely, at least for me.

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I'm done with PMMM.
Is the Fate/stay night series really that good?
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Fuck no. Nasu is a hack.
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Im a Fatefag and any Fate/Stay Night anime is bad, Go read the VN instead.
If you read all of the original myths beforehand, you'll be confused as fuck because Nasu retcons so much of the original legend for no reason.

>Cu consensually impregnated Scathatch's sister instead of using her favorite horse to blackmail and rape her
>Medea is nothing like her legend at all
>Herc is a screaming autist with a random hunk of rock who doesn't get to do anything Herc-like until he's about to die
>End of Epic Gil acts just like beginning of Epic Gil, but still has all of his memories from his character development over the course of the story
>Sasaki Kojiro isn't even Sasaki Kojiro, he's just a random dude who swung around his washing pole pretending to be a samurai until the planet decided to give up on telling him that he can't cut in three different directions with one swing
>Arthur is a bitch who knew that she was being cucked but didn't care until Gawain whined to the whole kingdom about how Lancelot was getting to fuck cute girls while he was stuck getting plowed in the ass by the Green Knight.

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So w-we're still holding out hope for season 3, r-right guys?

How did the manga even end?

Why was season 2 such a letdown?
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The heck is this even
Read the filename or thread title, retard.
I first started watching anime because of this scene

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Is he a hack?
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You could tell by looking at PS he used 3D models I don't know why are you surprised.
I don't care what his drawing methods are as long as the end product looks nice
But I wish he could write better shit like Ore no Akuma Blues instead of that trainwreck of shit called Kangoku Gakuen.
Nah, there's merit to what he does unlike that dude Greg Land I think his name is.

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Huzzah for busy days and being lazy. And waiting for TS to finish Sesuji but he's taking too long so here you go.

65: Who won?
[Side] Grasp, rush, protect
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[Side] The whose head will be cut is...

"I gotta cut!! The demon's neck... now!!"

The dawn is coming

The sun will shine here...!!
I gotta run! I gotta get outta here!!
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I won't ever let go
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Until I lop your head off!!!

"Get awaaaay"


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How this generic edge shit became so popular?
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It wasn't generic at the time it was released.
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Japan enjoys edgy. At the time they also had a love affair with the M16. It was a relatively new rifle and had a relatively futuristic appearance to it, so its presence helped fuel the rise of Golgo 13 among gun nuts and teenagers in Japan of the era.
It's the Japanese take on James Bond, how could it go wrong? Besides, it was probably very original for its time.

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This is a Non-Bullying Board!
Please think twice before bullying or posting images of bullying.

Thank you again.
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But bullying is my favorite pastime activity.
But bullying lolis is my favorite pastime
Hey kid go be a stinky kid somewhere you baby

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