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Pepsi or Coke?
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>Ajimu doujins never

One nuke wasn't enough.
Coke. In both ways.
Right with left's personality.

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Is it a deconstruction?
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If by deconstruction, you mean being way darker, then yes.
was this season so empty you have to resort to this
Is this thread deconstructing analysis?

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Why is she so great
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>good female characters
Pick one and only one.
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I can date her on psp games.
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Dream fantasy girl for people who play Yugioh.

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What is Mr. Anno's best anime and why is it KareKano?
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the teeth girl
That's not Eva, you fucking faggot.

Eva > Shin Godzilla > Love & Pop > Kare Kano > Shiki Jitsu > Ryusei-Kacho > Gunbuster

Not to say Kare Kano is bad, everything The Master directs is good at the very least.
>Eva is better than Kare Kano
Come back when you turn 15.

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sora amamiya.jpg
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Okay so I keep hearing Sora Amamiya was not well liked until she voiced Aqua.

is that actually true?
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Wasn't she fucking the guys from GRANRODEO?
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I wish she was fucking me instead

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>The fantastic wonderful show that stole your heart but stopped halfway through the story and will never be continued.

What's her name, /a/?
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Boku no Pico
What's her name?
Sekishi. Pronounced: Sexy.
My names is Sechs. You will call me... Sechs!

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Why are Vigne and Gabriel so inferior to Raphi and Satania?
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I forget Gab exists sometimes, to be honest.
So do I, honestly.
>Why are Vigne and Gabriel so inferior to Raphi and Satania?
Because raphi and satania are far more entertaining. I found vigne and gab a tad boring at times.

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Now that the dust has settled, who is best SAO girl?
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Sinon, because she's the only one with any sort of character arc, characterization, interesting backstory, etc.

She's the only actual character in that mess of a franchise.

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Why do you keep making this thread? Nobody wants your star shaped food thing.
Fuck off, kid.
I'm sorry, strange floating star, but I don't understand the question
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If you're happy, I'm happy!

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Cam witches get other witches pregnant?
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fuck off >>>/u/
But not Diana and Akko, because Akko is going to marry Andrew.

Who though it was a good idea to draw like this?
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Don't know, but it looks good.
SHAFT. Umino does not draw like that, go look at H&C by JC staff.

Perfect adaptation, I'd say an improvement on the manga. 3gatsu was a shitty adaptation. SHAFT didn't understand the tone or the art style, their palettes and textures clashed so fucking hard.
>Umino does not draw like that, go look at H&C by JC staff.
>the mangaka doesn't draw like that, go look at this other adaptation
Or, you know, you could look at the manga? I guess if you said that, you wouldn't be able to start your studio war bullshit as easily, though.

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1 translated.jpg
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I guess the guy's on break this week, and the release has got a new schedule. Full chapters on the First and Third Thursdays of the month now.

So this week we get a small collection of character artwork. Isn't that exciting.

There's no point in making an imgur album this week.
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Is Rou the best written protagonist of all time?
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Best written self insert fantasy, for sure.
Is it opposite day already
>self-insert fantasy
he's a badass and he fucks every woman he meets
how is that not well written?

Do you find "It gets better 50 chapters in" as an acceptable excuse for a well regarded manga or anime having a shit start?
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I think faggots who needs to be spoonfed if a manga or anime is good for them needs to fuck off.
I wouldn't work my way through those 50 chapters, but sure, if you explain your liking a series that way, it's a valid reason.
No. But if a manga starts out good and goes bad, sure.

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Is there any doubt that sexhair is the best girl?
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No, and Iori, while right about not fucking her, is still a retard.
nanaka is the best girl you faguette
No, she's definitely the best.

I'm honestly not even sure where this is going romance-wise. Iori has everyone friend/sister-zoned right now. I thought Chisa was obvious end game at first but that Nanaka chapter from awhile ago plus her being the first girl makes me question it.

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