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You can only choose ONE
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What if I don't?
This. all are trash IMHO
>You can only choose ONE
Nice pun nigga

I choose Mob

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Was Nichijou funny?
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I think so.
going backrupt was funny
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Yes, I don't see how people couldn't find it funny, It did everything right to make you laugh.

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>He doesn't watch 80s animes
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But I'm watching L-Gaim right now
>he doesn't watch current anime and, if anybody asks, pretends to watch old anime
>he doesn't slowly realize that nobody will ever ask
>he doesn't come to understand that he is all alone and will always be all alone
>he doesn't come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what he watches because if there is no one to interact with, it's all meaningless
>he doesn't find solace in cute girls doing cute things
>He posts low quality greentext threads from his phone

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Why gender bender is so common but reverse gender bender is almost inexistent?
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You need to work on your word order. It's not the same for questions as it is for statements.

Also, the reason is that girls are pretty.
Why would you want beautiful women to turn into hideous men? That's a downgrade, not an upgrade.
Stop being such a faggot OP.
I think it's all about the exploration of the other side of things.
Most people seem to agree on the opinion that girls have a more complicated existence, and 2D girls are cute, so they easily shit out a story and have cute girl fanservice on the side.

You can't do the same with a girl-to-guy, apparently.

Animated by MAPPA, in 8 long episodes, one for each book.
Maruyama will be producing, Urasawa wil be overseeing the pilot episode.
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Could be interesting.

Master Keaton best Urusawa work

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Just got done reading this.
What the fuck.
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Fucking finally not another friendship is magic main character
MC should have died to be honest. Kakihara didn't deserve a dead like this. And the old man is a piece of shit.
Agreed, although a more satisfying ending would have been nice.
For being the MC, Ichi doesn't even get that much action to be honest. I'm pretty sure Kakihara appears more times than Ichi. He might as well be the true MC.

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I have a animated crush on miss chinglish. Please don't judge.
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>Please don't judge.
Then what is this thread for?
You're a faggot.
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You have good taste.

t. man who has crush on her friend.
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decent taste, but Revy eclipses her completely

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why was she the standout character?
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I love ___
Why did you post an empty comic strip?
For me it was when she was broken and twisted and still crawled over in that painful state just to help Subaru. Her character did do a 180 from when she was an antagonist but the depths of her care for Subaru really affected me even though Subaru is a twit.

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What was the point of this?
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To formally introduce the true heroine of the series.
But she never appeared again.
Teasing the true best girl but then leaving the audience to rot with the likes of Rem and Emilia.

You can choose 1, but the other 2 will hate you forever. Who do you pick?
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Mikuru all day every day.
Yuki. I pick Yuki. I don't care for Mikuru's opinion about me, and Haruhi is too tsun and bitchy for me.

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A fine comedy.
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Makoto a cute!
What did she mean by this?

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I always see people complaining, but why don't we ever try to discuss what we like about /a/?
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I remember this show....
Purple was best girl.
I like the threads about anime and manga.
/a/ only likes to bitch

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Was this the greatest thing that's ever happened to anime or just terrible? I'm certain it's one of the two I just can't decide which one it is
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And I'm certain it's not the former so there you have it.
just bad
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Just terrible.

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Is this the greatest plot twist in the history of shounen manga?
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Gon was raped. Statutory rape but the women will get away with it because "muh women can't rape"

Togashi is a hack
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The entire scene is supposed to be a gag about Killua being a pervert who jumps to conclusions.
What was "cougar" translated from? Was it "shotacon"?

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>the loli is actually 10 Billion years old and super strong
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you first
Season 3 when
Used goods.

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