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I'm in LOVE with Azuki Azusa.

I want to have SEX with Azuki Azusa.

Tell me /a/ what must I do to SCORE Azuki Azusa?
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Kill yourself and hope you're reborn as MC-kun.
>he can't make enough for a soccer team

You don't deserve her.
i'm better

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Whos hyped about this? are you gonna watch it in your local cinema or are you going to wait half a year to pirate it after it's done showing
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I would rather wait for half a year than watch it with normalfags who can't shut the fuck up.
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Is it going to air outside of Japan? I don't think I was aware of any plans to that effect. If it gets played within a few miles of me, sure, I'll see it in theaters; otherwise, there's no reason to bother.
I'll watch it if my film festival holds it.

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What makes Haruna sexy?
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What makes snails fast?
Haruna a shit.

Fuck off Harunigger.
Haruna a shit.

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I really love Flip Flappers but you could try to have a thread like once a week instead of everyday, I really don't see what's your goal here

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How does /a/ feel about G Gundam?
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it's amazing

allenby best girl
Literally the only Gundam I ever liked.
Gundam Rose jobbed too much

Is this the first good ending that has come out of t his anime?
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>tfw only person on /a/ watching this
No bro not the only one. But honestly the mom who had to move from her apartment was a good end she should have done it from the beginning. And the guy with the spooky waifu with the fucked up face got a good deal, her bod is tight as fuck senpai so she's the ultimate brown bagger.
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Well it certainly is the best ending BY FAR. The mother is doing what she has always wanted and her daughter is in a much happier place.

I initially started this episode to introduce my friend into the series about how dark this show was. My mind was blown to smithereens over how tame this episode was, and how my point was not in the least bit proven.

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So why is naruto being discussed on /a/ like its' an actual show?
My first b& was 7 years ago for discussing naruto
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/a/ is overrun by newfags and crossboarders.
All images and resulting discussion should pertain to anime or manga.

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I like this series.
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Fuck off
that's meanie
What do you like about it?

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Can flowers love birds?
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I don't know, but I can love both

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Funny how at the end of Madoka Rebellion a blue soul gem is placed atop Homura's body.

Funny how we never exactly get to see what Sayaka's wish was on-screen.

Funny how after Homura chases after Sayaka's soul gem, we get a scene featuring a Monochrome Sayaka with a blue soul gem.

It's almost like the entire plot of Madoka Magica is about saving someone completely different than Madoka.
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Sayaka's wish was to heal the boy you dumbass
madoka is shite & no-one cares
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Time for stuff
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Ideal Butt

In order for athletes to raise their athletic performance abilities,
Their butts are big because they're training their lower bodies.

"I see"

"Maybe bigger butts are better"

"So Tsuda likes girls with easy childbirth abilities..."
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Comic 1
Pubic Hair

When you wear wool panties, your butt comes out bigger.
"Hagimura wore this before"

"It's a little hot"
"It's June, so it's natural"

"Besides, it's kinda itchy here because of the hair"

"Shino-chan, so you're even growing hair in there..."

Comic 2
Forced undressing


"There's a bit of wool there"
"Uh, where?"


"Don't take my panties oooffff"
I need more suzu

I miss this show. S4 when?!
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I am just glad cuppy and bear leave.
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Gosick is pretty good.
Is that 08MS team on the right?
I'm watching it but put it on hold ep4 because it's kind of tired feeling and generic. Especially the MC. Hope it gets better.
5/7 Anime
Yeah it is 08MS, maybe it's not that good but I came right off the high of watching the original trilogy which just barely didn't make my favorites. I really liked it though.

Kasumi>Ukyo>=Shampoo>ranma(woman)>>>Kodashi>>>Shampoo's cousins>shit>Nabiki>>>>>>Helll>>>>>Akane
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Ranma is best.
a bit boring though...
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Oh shit.
Best girl.
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I wonder how Ranna feels about all these girls being all over Rokudou-kun.
Rokudou isn't enlightened to reverse trapism.
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Doesn't seem to like it much.
This girl is hot as hell though.

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